Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Day 78, Sunday Aug 16

First off, before I post anything else, let me share this video with you. I was WOW'd by it tonight on Facebook. A friend posted it on her status update & I loved it.

Ok, now onto my day! :)

Things I liked about today.....
1. I LIKED staying at home a little longer after the rest of the family left for church & spending time with my youngest daughter. I love getting in one on one time with the kids. I gave all three kids the option of going to our regular church or coming with me to see a friend baptised this morning. The older 2 wanted to go to our regular church, so it was just Sarah & I. We talked & she showed me how to play a game on and we took a couple of pictures with my camera. (She took one that she insisted should be my new Facebook photo -- even if my head was cut off in it. Guess what? It's my picture on Facebook now.)

2. I LIKED being invited to see JennahRose get baptised today. What an honor & privelege to get to see her face to face for the first time on such a BIG day! I knew my camera would never zoom to the baptistry without getting blurry, so I took a pic of the big screen with her on it!

3. I LIKED taking a nap this afternoon. Gotta love that 11th commandment. (Thou shall nap on Sunday.)

4. I LIKED taking Sarah to see another baptism tonight -- her best friend's! It was so sweet to see them giggle & squeal when they saw each other. And then during the service, they drew pictures of hearts with Jesus's name in them. Precious, I tell ya!

5. I LIKE that tomorrow we begin our last week of summer. I know that sounds funny after I've talked all summer long about loving having the kids home. Really, I do love having them here. But I also love the start of a new school year. I love the upcoming holidays (they're only a couple months away, ya know?) I love the start of a new year. I love the Spring. I love Easter. And I love the start of a new summer. I do my very best to live for today, to live in the moment & enjoy the "right here, right now"...but I also love the anticipation of a new season. The excitement, the butterflies in my tummy, the chance to start anything fresh & new is exciting. And of course, there are the school supplies. As much as I hate the expense, I love new pink erasers & fresh pencils & packages of new notebook paper. Yeah, I know, I'm a sick woman. Good thing I teach children for a living, huh? Anyway...I'm looking forward to enjoying all the last moments of summer this week!

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