Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer, Day 13-14 (Wed & Thurs June 9 & 10)

Oops...forgot to post yesterday! I'll catch up here.

On Wednesday morning, Samuel headed off to day camp like this.

You see, at Cub Scout day camp, they have a "Swaps Day". The boys all come with a million little things pinned to their hats & they can swap those items out with all the other boys in camp. Larry left with him about 8:00 & by 8:35, I was in the car to enjoy my day with the girls (more about that later). Before we even left the house, it started raining. No problem, though. Cub Scout day camp is held rain or shine. They have a back up plan for the kids in case they have to quickly pick up & move indoors for inclimate weather. {Side note: Blogger's telling me that inclimate is spelled incorrectly. I think I'm right, but if it's really wrong, then I stand corrected Blogger!}

The girls I went to the school where I work & spent an hour or so getting the floors cleaned. That's one of my summer jobs. I mop & vacuum at my school. We got done there & moved to Chuck E. Cheese where we met some friends for an hour or so of fun playtime. Since none of us like the food there (just the games!), we moved to a deli next door for lunch. At just shy of 1:00, we left to go walk around the mall & kill time til it was time to pick up Samuel (2:30). On a whim, I called the house to check the messages. There were THREE asking me to come pick up Samuel at day camp. Apparently at 10:30 that morning, they had begun calling & the last call had come just a few minutes before I called to check the messages. Good grief.........WHY DIDN'T THEY CALL MY CELL PHONE???!!! I had it with me all day long! I could've been there HOURS sooner. Grrrr! Sometimes ya have to wonder about people. If you go to the trouble of calling THREE times & don't get me, check the registration form I filled out & call one of the other numbers listed! :::sigh::: When I arrived, my very wet & very cold little boy was ticked off that I hadn't come to his rescue sooner. I had to wait til we were in the car to tell him that it was due to his leaders' incompetence that I didn't come sooner! Apparently when it started raining early in the day, the whole group had gotten soaked to the bone. They brought them indoors to an air conditioned gymnasium where they all shivered & felt miserable most of the rest of the day. I felt terrible about leaving him like that and when he took a nap that afternoon, I was really afraid he was getting sick from being wet ALL DAY LONG!

He recovered though & felt fine today (Thurs 6/10). Since it was still raining, he decided to go to work with me today. My class had our last day of focusing on Summer Foods, so we had an ice cream day. We made ice cream in a baggie, had a graph during Circle Time about everyone's favorite ice cream flavors and did 2 art projects about ice cream.

This afternoon, we made a stop at the local video game store so that Samuel could trade in a game he previously bought & didn't enjoy. While we were there, the guys behind the counter had a pizza delivered from Papa John's. I thought it smelled heavenly, but I guess I'm officially a grown up. I thought the pizza smelled good, but I was really just ready to get home & cook this! We had it with supper tonight.

How is your summer going??

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