Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer, Days 17-18 (Sun June 13 & Mon June 14)

If you read my post titled "Dear Jim..." yesterday, then you know about the big event of the day yesterday. So I'll just skip that & move onto today.

If you haven't been reading my blog long, you don't know about Savannah's best buddies who are twins. In Kindergarten & 1st grade, she was in the same class with one or both girls. The summer after 1st grade, their dad's job moved them a few hours away. I never DREAMED that this many years later we'd still be in touch & visiting with them, but here we are! All three girls remain best friends after 7 years of living in a different town! I'm telling you, when my kid bonds with someone, she BONDS with them. :) Today we met them in a nearby town to send Savannah off on her several days long adventure in their town. We've tried to work out having the girls come here for years now but between their homesickness & my working 2 days/week (which would necessitate them staying home alone for several hours 2x during the week), it just never seems to work out. One day, though....I have my sites set!

After dropping of Savannah & visiting with my mother in law and grandmother in law (who came to meet us too!) we made a quick trip over to my father in law's house. It's always good to see family & check up on them. Jim is in poor health & he was having a rough day today. I'm concerned about him. If you think about it, add him to your prayer list.

We made the long drive back home and stopped at a local Movie Gallery store that is going out of business & selling off their merchandise. The store is getting more empty by the day & I've been watching the stock through the windows when I've passed through the parking lot, so the kids & I stopped to take a look at what they have. We got a few movies for our collection. I love finding a bargain!

Tomorrow, it's back to work!

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