Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer, Day 7 (Thur June 3)

Ok, first of all, I have no idea what's up with my background. If it looks funky to you, you're not alone. (Edited to add: I removed it & changed to a solid it?)

Now.....onto my day......

Have I mentioned that I love summer? I should clarify that. I hate the Texas weather I have to live through in the mid-May til mid-October months. But I do love having my kids at home, having a more relaxed schedule, being able to stay up til 1am watching a DVD of old Friends episodes if I want to, sleeping past know, all the stuff that is non-summerish.

Today was a work day for me. The kids are going with me again this year. Savannah's been the helper in my classroom for the past 2 summers while Samuel & Sarah went to the school-aged kids' class. Samuel's been begging for me to let him help in my classroom for the last 6 months, so we decided that maybe Savannah could stay home this year and he could come to my room to help. I wasn't entirely comfortable with Savannah staying home that many hours a day, however I keep trying to remind myself that she really is old enough to do so if need be. This Mama's just a little paranoid. it turns out, the teacher next door to me really needs a helper in her room because she has really LITTLE children that require 2 sets of hands, so she's recruited Savannah to be her helper this summer. Samuel decided after just 1 day in my classroom that he wants to go to the school-aged classroom at least one day a week. Today was his day to go to his own class. It was just fine with me because I'm VERY blessed with a good class. A few needy ones, but no little devils! Whew!

Tonight we go to celebrate something REALLY cool! A few years ago at the elementary school where my kids go, some girls formed a recycling 'club' called Green Girls. Their goal was to encourage all the kids in the school to recycle items from their lunchboxes (and hopefully to encourage their families to do it at home). In the Fall of the 2008-2009 school year, Samuel & his buddy Brady created a group called "Trash Men". I think they wanted to prove that the boys could do cool things for the environment too. Their teachers (and I!) really figured the novelty of giving up recess to pick up trash would wear off quickly. But it didn't. They continued throughout the whole year, putting up posters at school for other kids to join them. At the end of the year (spring 2009), they got awarded for creating & running an organization in their school. When school began this past fall, I wondered if they'd even remember the group....and they did! Just a few weeks into the school year, Brady's family moved away and Samuel had to figure out what to do with the boys-only club. He decided to allow girls to join as well & they renamed it Trash Patrol. A month or so back, a member of the local Keep (our town's name) Beautiful group contacted us about entering the kids' groups into a state level contest for youth-initiated environmental endeavors. They won first place!!! It's a $100 prize and the kids have decided to give the $$ to the school for recycling/beautification use. Very exciting! We're so proud of the kids!! Tonight, they received awards on a local level with the city's group. We'll travel to Austin in a few weeks to receive the state-level award. Way to go Green Girls & Trash Patrol!

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