Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer, Day 6 (Wed June 2)

Today the kids & I got started on our daily 30 minutes of reading. I started on a book I've had sitting on my bedside bookshelf for MONTHS. See, I used to be a major Karen Kingsbury fan. I'm not opposed to reading her stuff these days, but I read so many of her books in a (relatively) short period of time that I found myself figuring out the plotline & resolution to the book halfway through. She got predictable. And when things get predictable, I get bored. But you see..... I spent FIFTEEN books (these: Redemption, Firstborn, Sunrise) loving the Baxter family so I have to see how things end up in the last series that is connected to their characters. So I'm reading Take One. It is the first book in the final series.

The kids all successfully finished a chapter book. They all stretched their reading time on after the 30 minutes were up, but they finished a book each!

It has taken Samuel the greater part of 3 weeks to do it, but today he FINALLY finished cleaning his room. Well...just about finished it. Crossing my fingers that he & I can hit it and finish it up tomorrow afternoon after work!

I think that's about it for today! How is your 6th day of summer going?


Shanda said...

Hi Liz!

I just found your blog through...well, I'm not sure. Some rabbit trail led me here. Anyhow, we have tons of mutual friends, because I'm always seeing your name on Facebook. I'm so glad to have found another local blogger. Look forward to reading your posts!

And summer officially starts for us tomorrow! Woohoo!

Kate said...

I read the Redemption series last summer. I'm thinking about picking up with the next series related to the Baxter family this summer. Do you recommend it?