Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer, Day 8 (Fri June 4)

My sweet hubby loves to play golf. He's not the greatest player (it's ok...I can say it...he'll tell you himself!) but he loves the game. I've been with him once, to drive the cart. Today he went and took Savannah with him for the same reason. She was thrilled to get to do that, but on about the 6th hole some old fuddy-duddy came by and told them that she was not allowed to drive the cart. I think that's nuts because I know that last year when I drove him around, I saw several kids there with their dads, driving the carts! Maybe they've cracked down on underage cart driving since then? Anyway, they went along with the new rule. You know, as long as people were nearby & could see them. tee hee!

Savannah served as the photographer for the day while driving (& riding) in the cart. I thought she did pretty well. I love the last shot!

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