Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clarity, please!

Today I got an email about a job I inquired about earlier this summer. I had forgotten all about it because I really felt like they'd filled the position by now. It's an aide position at the local 'alternative school' campus. The hours are awesome, but because it's a part time job, the pay is not so awesome. The job description the principal of the campus gave me sounds fabulous! I would LOVE doing the job. If the pay is what I suspect it is, then I would either take a tiny CUT in pay or it would be about the same as I'm making right now. The personnel director said we'd just need to wait until it actually happened, then figure numbers & see if I wanted the job with that number in mind.

So now I'm torn.

The Headstart aide job makes the most sense, it's the logical choice since I have been teaching preschool the past 5 years. But the alternative school's aide position would be awesome too! The Headstart job would give me a sizable raise & extra money is always something we'd like to see in our checkbook. But the alternative campus's pay would still be year-round and I'd be able to do something that is practically a ministry! The Headstart job would entail some changes in my kids' schedules & routines (but they'd get used to it!) and the alternative campus job would mean NO changes for the kids.

Oh the decisions. I love the idea of both jobs, but for different reasons.

Please join me in praying for clarity & direction.

Neither interview has happened yet, so I am probably overthinking all of this. But that's just me. Call me Mrs. Analytical! But until you get in touch to call me names, say a prayer for clear direction, ok?

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