Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today, Savannah started high school. She was still a little nervous when she got out of the car & headed inside. Her schedule wasn't quite right so we knew that she'd have to tackle that right off the bat. She's just like her mama. She wants everything to be in order & worked out before she can feel 'safe'. I'm praying that she can quickly get that fixed this morning & everything will be fine.

Samuel started 5th grade today. As the final year of elementary school, I'm praying that he is able to get himself in order & have a good year. He struggles with all the same stuff most boys struggle with...keeping up with his things, remembering to bring home & DO his homework. He's a good kid but he's way more worried about how long I'll let him play outside in the afternoons than whether or not he gets all his homework done. Middle school is going to be tough next year if he can't get himself together THIS YEAR.

Also today, Sarah started 4th grade. Last year, the first day of school was pretty hard on her because she was so nervous & didn't know anyone in her class. This year, there were no tears. It doesn't hurt that her best friend is in her class & they're sitting next to each other! Hooray!

The kids aren't the only ones starting something new today. It's also my first day of my new job with students. Last week was all inservice training stuff with the staff only. Now I have to actually hang out with teenagers all day. yikes! To say that I'm nervous about that would be an understatement. But here goes nothin'!!


Lauree said...

You will do awesome! Samuel sounds so much like Cade it's scary!! Imagine the 2 of them together! haha!

Darcy said...

One in high school, one in 5th grade, the other in 4th. Man, you're getting old! :)

Love the picture. Hope all four of you had a great 1st day!