Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Needs list


towel hooks to install in bedrooms for kids (1 hook for each child)

curtains/spring tension rods/tie backs for girls' closet doors (2)

shoes for Andrew & Kourtney (would require taking them shopping, so maybe a gift card?)

clothes for Andrew: 8 regular pants, 8/10 shirts, socks, underwear

clothes for Kourtney: 6X to 7, socks, underwear

school supplies

storage building (backyard)

expenses/labor to add a 2nd bathroom to the house

expenses/labor to add a garbage disposal to the kitchen sink

attorney fees

children's Bibles for the kids


single swing to replace a broken one on our swingset

someone to help Larry assemble/install a set of bunk beds for the girl's room--call him for a time on this

Prayer needs:

a smooth transition into our home -- a new place with new boundaries & new rules on TV watching, etc, etc, etc.....

smooth transition into new schools

provision of all needs

prayer warriors who are willing to take on one of the children or one of us as their personal "project" & the willingness of those warriors to commit to daily prayers long-term for that particular family member

the salvation & knowledge of Christ as Saviour for the new kiddos, spiritual walk for all of us who will interact with them to be good examples & good representatives of Jesus to them

Good teachers, friends @ school & church for the kids


kfergueson said...

Liz and Larry
We are thinking about you and praying for each and every one of you. What a tough and also fun (?) time for you and your kids. I know it will be a long journey. I am going to look through our Sarah's clothes, and I know she has some that will fit Kourtney, but are probably in near-new condition. We look forward to helping you welcome Andrew and Kourtney.
The Ferguesons
Greg, Kathy, Maddy, Sarah and Michael

chreeney said...

Liz & Larry:

This is Carolyn Lee.  Me and my children attend Rose Heights (for 2 years now).  Bro. Larry baptisted my son, Austen, a few months back.  I'm sooooo sorry  about the loss of Kourtney & Andrew's mother and also to hear about their father.  My prayers are with your whole family.  What a wonderful home these precious children are going to be blessed with. Liz, I have a daugther, Cara who is 8 now and has a lot of 6x 6X to 7 clothing that is in excellent condition.  If 'this need' has already been met for Kourtney, feel free to let me know and I'll 'do something else'.  In Christ, Carolyn & Kids

sobbie01 said...

Hi Liz, Hi Larry,
This is Lisa, at Probation..   I know you both are bombarded and overloaded and your hands are completely full with growing concern from friends, family, co-workers, etc..   It's got to be a whirlwind of emotion going on .     I just want you both to know I am here if you need me, for anything.    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, and if there is ANYTHING at all you need, just let me or anybody at the probation office know..   You know how we can be reached!!  The turmoil those little kids are going through has to be unimaginable, and will be a long road ahead.    It's such a sad situation they're going through.   I wish the best for you both, and your children. and your niece and nephew as they adjust to this transition in your lives. I have without a single doubt that God knows exactly the best place for those children to be at this moment, and I have no doubt that He's placing them right exactly where they need to be.   Please let me know if there is anything I can do..
God Bless You.
Lisa Collier
Adult Probation  

mamafaye2 said...

 Hi Kids,
       I am so proud of you for what you have stepped out in faith to do.  It is always awe-inspiring to just sit back and watch God work, as He already has since this all began a week ago.   It is wonderful to watch the Body of Christ in action, as they pray and support you in all the ways your church is doing.   Ain't God good?   So many things that have just fallen into place that can only be explained by our awesome Father, taking care of His own.  
     I can relate to these 2 in a very special way as I remember what it was like to be the child left behind with so many fears and questions.   Thank God you are both willing to be there for them!   It won't be easy for any of you, but it will be rewarding years from now, when you look back and see the path you have walked together.   I can see God's hand in making you interested in adoption ever since you got married.   This is not the plan you may have had, but the one chosen for you.   Thank you for being willing to accept it and have faith to know you are not doing it alone.  
     This Mama couldn't be prouder of her baby daughter.    I love you, sweetie.   All of you are in my prayers and thoughts constantly.  
                                        Grandma to 12, as of today