Friday, February 17, 2006

Updated Needs list


towel hooks to install in bedrooms for kids (1 hook for each child)

curtains/spring tension rods/tie backs for girls' closet doors (2) --- we have had a couple of people offer us the rods, so that is covered, just need the curtains/tie backs now

shoes for Andrew & Kourtney (would require taking them shopping, so maybe a gift card?)

clothes for Andrew: 8 regular pants, 8/10 shirts, socks, underwear

clothes for Kourtney: 6X to 7, socks, underwear

school supplies ---backpacks have been covered, school has offered the supplies for Andrew, won't know til Monday what Kourtney needs

storage building (backyard)---friends from Larry's old job have offered supplies, labor, etc to build this & a 2nd bathroom. Not sure when that will happen, but it looks like this is mostly covered!

expenses/labor to add a 2nd bathroom to the house

expenses/labor to add a garbage disposal to the kitchen sink

attorney fees

children's Bibles for the kids---have had several people inquire about this


single swing to replace a broken one on our swingset---covered!

someone to help Larry assemble/install a set of bunk beds for the girl's room--call him for a time on this ---done!

Prayer needs:

a smooth transition into our home -- a new place with new boundaries & new rules on TV watching, etc, etc, etc.....

smooth transition into new schools

provision of all needs

prayer warriors who are willing to take on one of the children or one of us as their personal "project" & the willingness of those warriors to commit to daily prayers long-term for that particular family member

the salvation & knowledge of Christ as Saviour for the new kiddos, spiritual walk for all of us who will interact with them to be good examples & good representatives of Jesus to them

Good teachers, friends @ school & church for the kids

New: easy withdrawal from old school system today

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