Thursday, February 16, 2006

A note from Larry

Things are running full blast. We know that God is good. Unlesssomething dynamic changes, we will move the kids in to our houseSaturday evening after they visit their dad in jail. My dad andgrandmother are bringing them over. We will have the beds set uptonight. Friday afternoon we are going to withdraw them from the schoolwhere they are and Monday morning we will enroll them here.
Several people have asked what the church is doing to help. A LOT!!!!They have allowed me to be off as much as I need to take care of things.They have allowed me to be absent from services because I was with myniece and nephew. The church is also working to get Andrew and Kourtneyadded to the health insurance. This is worth more than you know forthese kids. The church has been very helpful to us in this season.They have offered to do more if we need it.Everyone's prayers and encouragement has been overwhelming. There havebeen so many phone calls of encouragement and I appreciate it. If I amnot able to answer all of them, or I take a while in calling you backplease do not take that as we did not appreciate your call.

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