Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter afternoon/evening

I believe the festivities are over.  I'm about to go make hot dogs for the family, so I thought I'd quickly post some pics.

After everyone took a nap after church, Larry went out & hid the eggs and then we had our hunt.

And of course, our "Easter dog" watched.

After the kids found their plastic Easter eggs, we did the Resurrection eggs with them.  Some neighbor kids watched them hunt for their eggs, so they stayed for the Resurrection eggs.  Everyone payed attention & listened quietly.  A neat little ministry oppurtunity on our front sidewalk!

Samuel opened a few of the eggs.  This one had the nails in it.

King really enjoyed the Easter lesson.  Isn't he pretty?

The kids know that there is no Easter Bunny and enjoy our celebration with both spiritual and "fun" stuff.  Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice.  Thank you for the miracle of Easter.  We love you.


mereel2005 said...

How sweet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family :)

luvmybucs2000 said...

your children are just beautiful...looks like they had alot of fun !! And your doggie is just gorgeous!!