Saturday, May 10, 2008

funny kids

I'm typing these out quickly, so pardon any spelling errors or typos.  I need to type them up before I forget them!

#1---Sarah is a perfume hound.  Anytime she sees a bottle, she'll grab it & give herself a little squirt.  This morning, she came out of my bathroom grinning, like she usually does after spraying perfume.  She walked over to me & acted like she was waiting for me to notice the scent.  I leaned over & sniffed....but didn't smell anything.  I asked if she'd used perfume.  She said she had, so I sniffed again, still nothing.  I asked her which kind it was & she ran back to the bathroom to look.  She yelled back "It's called White Rain."  I was stumped.  I have a lot of perfumes, but I couldn't remember one with that name.  Then she started laughing & said "Oh wait........that's hairspray!!!"  (No wonder I couldn't smell anything when I sniffed her.)

#2--We ran to the grocery store for a few things this afternoon.  Samuel & Sarah went with me.  Upon getting into the van, they both said they had money with them to buy me something --- from the gumball machines.  Sarah gave me a lovely pink & white rubber ring while Samuel purchased an upscale golden band.  LOL!  I love them both.

#3-- On the drive home, someone mentioned "joy", which of course always makes me think of a childhood church song---I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.....  Anyway, I started singing that.  Samuel jumped in when I got to the next verse & sang out "I've got a piece of understanding down in my heart......"  I giggled at his version of the song & then Sarah said "NO, goes like this...........I've got a piece of pastor's understanding down in my heart...where?  Down in my heart to stay!"

Hmm...maybe we need to re-learn that song.  Then again, sometimes I feel like I just have a "piece" of understanding as well.

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