Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long time, no see.....

Ok, so it hasn't actually been a long time, but it sorta feels that way for me.  On Tuesday afternoon, we had an electrical storm & my internet connection was lost.  I called the company & they told me it was the Network Card (whatever that is!).  After a trip to the shop, we found out that our network card was just fine...and the guy who worked on it for us was able to get online using our computer, so clearly the problem was not in the computer, but at our house!  Kevin (our friend who worked on the computer) suggested that sometimes, simply unplugging & replugging everything back in was all a computer needed to start functioning properly...and by golly, he was right!  We brought it home tonight, plugged it in & right off the bat...voila!  Everything was fixed.  Of course, the speakers aren't working so I have no sound, but the internet is fixed, thank goodness.  And so...I'm back!!  We've had a busy past few days!

On Tuesday, I had an inservice day at work after my annual check up with the doctor.  (Yes, THAT doctor ladies...yuck!)  It turns out that the tree service people were due to show up & FINALLY cut off the excess from the tree that fell a couple weeks ago, while I was gone.  Since King lives in our backyard, we weren't sure if he would let the tree guys into the yard.  Larry left work & came home, got the dog & took him to his office.  When I got out of my doctor's appointment, I picked up the dog & took him to the preschool with me.  Thank goodness we both have really flexible, easy-going work environments where we can do this!  No one minded King being around in either location.

On Wednesday, the tree service guys actually showed up.  (ha!)  They came and did their job in the morning.  I had a PTO meeting that afternoon.  I've gotta tell all the years we've had children in school, I've always JOINED the PTA/PTO, but I have *never* gone to a meeting.  Honestly, it wasn't something that I cared to do.  I joined mostly so that my kids' class could win the enrollment drive prizes, but I just didn't have time for the meetings typically.  Since our school district has restructured the way it will work (beginning this coming Fall), and this was the first meeting for our particular campus, I decided now would be a good time to jump in if I ever planned to.  And so, I went tothe meeting on Wednesday afternoon.  There were six of us there.  Somehow, before the end of the meeting, I joined PTO for next year (I had planned to anyway!) and I was signed up as the chairman over the room reps/volunteer coordination.  Heavens to Betsy......what have I gotten myself into??!!  ha ha!

Today was Samuel and Sarah's end of school class events, including some awards. 

First was Samuel's class party.  They had Happy Meals from McDonald's for lunch, then his teacher handed out some cute awards.  She gave each child a piece of candy with an award connected to that candy.  For example, Samuel got the Dove chocolate bar because he is the "Class Peacemaker".  Another child got a bag of gummy bears because he's always giving bear hugs.  It was a really neat way to reward the kids.  Samuel also got the award for never giving up & always trying really hard.  Here are the pictures I took of his class stuff.  She had them all seated here, giving out the candy awards.  Can you find Samuel?  He's to the right of the teacher in a blue striped shirt.

Here he is with our favorite 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Buffington.  We have LOVED her this year!

When his party was over, I took him with me and we went to Sarah's school for her class party.  Samuel was able to run down to his 1st grade teacher's room (from last year) & surprise her with a visit.  She was out of the room when he got there, so he sat and waited for her.  Imagine her shock when she walked into an empty room & found a child!  ha ha!  She was so happy to see him.  They had a sweet visit.  Before he left, her class came back from P.E. and she was able to introduce him to her class, saying she hoped that all her students would come back & visit her from year to year.  We love you, Mrs. Walker!  :)

Onto Sarah's things!  She had her final Reader's Theater today!  She's on the far right end of this pic in a blue shirt.  They were doing "Taxi the Turtle".  She played the part of the baby squirrel "Squirt".

After the program, her teacher did something similar to Samuel's---sitting them all down & handing out neat little awards.  Sarah got the "Best Listener" award.  Her teacher praised her for always paying attention & never having to have things repeated.  Way to go, sweet girl!!

I was not able to get a picture of Sarah & her teacher together, but to give you an idea of what Mrs. Mitchell looks like, here is one from the first day of school this past August!

Tomorrow the kids go to school until 1:00.  When they get out, they'll be done for the year!  I think when I pick them up, we're going to go get a Coke or something for a special treat!

Yahoo!!  Summertime is almost here!

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