Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day 2008

I think part of what provoked me to write last night's entry was that I stopped & admired 3 little pictures that are on my bedroom door.  They were drawn for me by a sweet baby girl over a year ago, but I haven't been able to take them down you.  I think you can see why.  Can you see the artist's name?

This morning, however, was better.  I awoke to my sweetie pie heading off to work (church).  He crawled into bed to hug me, tell me he loves me & to thank me for being the mother of his children.  (Of course, I in turn thanked him for making me a mama.  tee hee)

Soon after, Samuel was in the kitchen telling me "don't get up!  I'm making you breakfast!".  Umm....ok.  He did pull off toast & juice pretty well.

One by one, the kids brought in their treasures & cards mostly handmade things from school.  Too sweet!  Larry apologized several times today about the fact that what he ordered me had not arrived yet.  He ordered it several weeks ago but it's still in transit somewhere.  That's ok, though.  I forgave him.

At church, our pastor's wife (& a dear friend of mine who I also work with) spoke during the worship service.  She did a fabulous job of giving a message about moms, but it was one that is also applicable to all the people in the service.  Way to go, Gina!!  In her speaking, she really honored me and several other ladies by mentioned traits about us that she admires.  I was so touched that she said my name & talked about the fact that I'd gotten the teacher of the year award from work.  The whole crowd clapped & many of them came up afterward to hug me & congratulate me!  Wow...what a blessing!

We came home after church to rest & then spent the evening with my parents.  They cooked supper & we ate at their house.  We gave mom a card & a little bath set.  The kids got to have fun hanging out & doing 'grandma's house stuff'.  Sarah & Samuel both went to the garden with mom & I to dig some potatoes (they think that's the coolest thing in the world).  Before we left, we took a new 3 generation picture.  Me, mom & the girls took one last year on Mother's Day, so we needed a new one tonight.  I won't embarass myself by posting both pics....because I figured out after I got home & looked at the pics that I was wearing the same outfit in both pictures!  ha ha!  But anyway, here is the one from tonight:

It was a great day.  Life is good.  I am blessed beyond measure.  Thank you, Lord.


mereel2005 said...

What a lovely entry and a beautiful Mother's Day. You are truly blessed.

alyssalore said...

Aw, Liz, what a lovely day you had! You deserved it! :) And congrats on your "Teacher of the Year" award!!! Awesome! You goof- I think you should post last year's pic too. I don't think anyone would care that you're wearing the same outfit. LOL!
And yes, I see why you haven't taken those pics down. *Sniff*
Love, Alyssa

momtobigspenders said...

I am with your kids.. I LOVE to dig potatoes.. Its like going on a treasure hunt never know what you will find :)