Sunday, May 11, 2008

praying for moms

It's nearly midnight & my mind is filled with the names & faces of so many women that I will spend tomorrow praying for.  Unfortunately, I know far too many ladies who've lost a child to cancer or some other horrible illness.  I know too many to count who've surivived abortion or miscarriage along the way.  There are others who've lost a child in infancy and have to visit the grave of their tiny child, gone too soon.  Friends of mine have had children killed in wrecks.  And oh, those mothers who have to walk through tomorrow aching for their kidnapped or murdered child.  Precious lives, taken away from their mother's arms..... 

So many of us mommies live each day with a void.  The void is pierced by life that must continue, other children that must be fed, a job that must be done & projects that must be finished.  My void is not quite like the others I listed above, but it's a void just the same.  Two little people are gone from my life and I ache for their presence.  What I wouldn't do for a big hug from them tomorrow. 

Other moms have lost their own mother.  Some as little girls, some as young women or young mothers themselves.  Life without their mom has never been the same since she was gone.

For so many women out there, Mother's Day is a hard one.  These moms are the "walking wounded".

I am grateful for my three healthy children, for the wonderful mama in my life who I speak to nearly every day.  I am grateful for two beautiful sisters who are moms, too, and for so many close friends who share in this great sisterhood of being a mother.

But tonight my thoughts & prayers are going up for all the moms who paste on a smile & go through Mother's Day with a pain in their hearts that won't ever go away.  I encourage you to join me in those prayers.


momtobigspenders said...

okay now I am in tears..  I woke up this morning feeling bad that my son wasn't here this morning....nor my husband.. and I told myself I better get use to it..  Then I read this and there are so many that there children won't be coming home anymore.. and I feel selfish.

I am so thankful that I will be able to share the day later with both of my kids :)

alyssalore said...

Thank you for this, Liz. :*)
Love, Alyssa