Friday, May 16, 2008

Sarah's eyes & my flowers

Ok, so those 2 topics in the title have nothing to do with one another, but they're both in this post.  :)

This afternoon when Sarah got in the car at school, she started sniffling & very reluctantly pulled a paper from her backpack saying "I have to show you something."  We expected that maybe she'd gotten a bad grade or maybe had to change her color at school & had a note about it.  When we got where we could look at it, we took a peek.  It turns out that the school nurse has tested her eyes several times & she's consistently failed with her right eye every time.  I don't know WHY it took til 2 weeks before school is out to let us know about this, but anyway....  The paper was a note telling us we need to get her eyes checked.  Sarah was thoroughly worried about it.  She thought we'd be upset for some reason.  Silly girl.  Now her biggest concern is that she might need glasses.  Larry & I told her that we both wear glasses or contacts.  90% of our immediate family on either side wear glasses, so it's no big deal.  She's probably near-sighted like the rest of us.  We called this afternoon & got her set up with the eye doc Samuel saw about 6 months ago.  I guess we'll find out then!

When I got home from work, Larry was in the yard doing some work & pointed excitedly at my new pots.  You see, we have one side of our yard that gets VERY LITTLE sun....almost NONE.  When we moved in, we put in a rock garden because no grass would grow.  This pic shows what I'm talking about.  It's from the day we got a new roof a couple of months ago.  The side nearest my van is where the rocks are.

The flowerbed area directly in front of my van (you can't really see it in that pic above) has been bare for a while now.  Recently, I decided that we could put some pavers in it & sit big pots on them & fill them with something colorful & pretty.  WELL....we got our government tax stimulus check thing today, so Larry went out & got me some pots!  This afternoon after picking up the kids from school, we went to the nursery & got some pretty red impatiens.  See?

This (above) is one of the 2 smaller pots that I planted a few flowers in.  These are my big ones in the flowerbed:

Hopefully they'll take off growing really soon!

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