Friday, May 9, 2008

Totally stunned!

Tonight was our end of the year party for the teachers at the school where I work.  We traded our secret pal gifts & revealed who the secret person has been all semester.  I got a big bag of goodies---a cool tote bag, an insulated lunch bag, a monogrammed towel, some B&BW body spray in one of my favorite scents & a book of devotionals for teachers.  We also ate a meal together & then they gave out awards.

One of the awards was "Teacher of the Year".  Weeks ago, they had us nominate someone.  I had a really hard time voting because I don't really know what other teachers do in their classrooms, so I had a hard time choosing someone based on their personality or what their classroom looks like when I walk past (decorations, center set up, etc).  We had to write out reasons why we were voting for that person, so I really wanted to vote for someone who deserved it.  I ended up choosing a lady who is technically a sub, but she is there (it seems) 4 out of 5 days a week & she has subbed for me a couple of times.  She is willing to work with any age group, is very flexible & jumps in wherever she's needed all the time.  She's able to be silly & have fun with the littlest ones and can teach the Kindergarten class with ease as well.  That means a lot to me.

Tonight, they began reading all the comments people had given for the teacher who had won.  They read the reasons before naming the teacher.  As I sat & listened, I was thinking 'wow...those are such nice things people said about this lady....I wonder who it is'.  And then, out of the blue....whammo.....they weren't describing someone else!  It was ME!  This is my plaque.

I am just so stunned.  They promised to get me a copy of the comments that people made about me.  I started crying when I realized it was ME they were describing.  Seriously, it was very touching....and I will cherish those words even more than the plaque to hang on my classroom wall.  (although I'm pretty jazzed about that, too!!!)

It turns out that there was a tie & another teacher (who was actually my secret pal!) also received the teacher of the year award.  They are making a yard sign that will stand in front of the school this summer & all next year with our names on it, too.  I'll post a pic when they place the sign! 

I'm really excited about this, but I'm honestly very surprised.  I've only been there for one year, so I neverrrrrr expected to win this award.  It makes sense for Sheila to get it (the other lady who won) because she's worked there for several years now....but me?  Wow.  That's all I can say.  Wow.  (if you're a parent or a teacher, you may recognize that reference from Lilly's Plastic Purple Purse...ha ha!)  Anyway,

To all you Oak Tree folks who read my blog, THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate this!  What an honor!


cksbyrne said...

Awwwwwww thats AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!!!

mamafaye2 said...

   I agree.  WOW!  What a year you are having.  First, Sarah got saved, then you get teacher of the year.  Mom is very proud of you. (But then, I was before the award)!   Love you.  This is a neat Mother's Day gift for both of us.  

momtobigspenders said...

Oh how awesome Liz.. I am so happy for you. I know you have to be on cloud nine!

maggiemaypeacock said...

You so deserved that award.  You are an awesome teacher and we can all tell that you are genuinely happy to be there and love each of your kids.  We were very lucky to get you to be a part of Oak Tree!  I look forward to another year of working with you!  
Also, Happy Mother's Day!!  (Thank you for thinking of me.)

kfergueson said...

I'm way behind on my reading and just saw this. WOW!
I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. With all the years I spent as an OTA parent, I can say that the top teachers and staff are there....if you won teacher of the year, that is definately a wonderful honor. (They are all fantabulous!) I'm so, so proud of you. Not only this, now I can be a name-dropper...."My goodest friend in the world is OTA co-Teacher of the Year. Just drive by and see the sign!"
YAY Lizareeno!
Oh, yeah....and um, Sunday and Cathy owe me one....didn't I call them and tell them they needed to hire you????

kfergueson said...

Greg says tell you congrats!

alyssalore said...

So awesome! :) Congrats!! I'd love to hear all of the comments!! :)
Love, Alyssa