Friday, May 23, 2008

The last day of (my) school

The kids still have another week to go, but I'm done.  School's out.  Today was our last day.  And what a sweet day it was!

Allow me to introduce you to the rest of my students!  First, these are my Monday, Wednesday, Friday class kiddos.

This is Ella Bea.  She is a precious, sweet girl.  She is gentle & caring, but spunky and silly at the same time.  She spends most of her school days playing at the dollhouse with Sophie (who you'll meet next).  Such a girlie-girl!  She loves ballet and all things pink & frilly, but at the same time, she can roll in the dirt and play with worms like a champ.  A great mix!  I think Ella Bea will one day be a great mother or a nurse.

Next is Sophie.  Sophie has this wildly curly, beautiful blonde hair.  She is the funniest little girl I've met in a while.  Totally dramatic & silly, with the softest heart.  She tells crazy stories and sings me songs with funny words.  She has the energy to pull a freight train, but can sit very still for storytime.  I can see Sophie becoming a theater teacher one day.  Or a stand up comedianne.  (tee ya, Sophie girl!)

This is Brooke.  She has a fun personality and enjoys playing house, dressing up, doing art projects, building...whatever you throw at her, she's there.  Brooke gets excited about everything and loves the detail work on everything.  With Brooke's strength of character and bright little mind, I bet she will be a pediatrician one day.

This is James.  He is the quietest, most gentle little boy.  He is soft spoken, introspective and tender spirited.  He loves to build things and pretend to be a fireman.  He has become more & more sweet as the year has passed.  Anyone would love to be around this little guy.  I am excited because I think I will have his cousin in the Fall when school starts again!  I think James will be a doctor one day.

Anna is my little lovey girl.  She likes to hang around me and sit & talk to the girls.  She is probably the most shy & quiet of my group.  This picture actually took me several tries to get!  (I kinda snuck this one...she didn't know I had the camera on!)  She loves circle time and making art long as her fingers don't get dirty.  :)  Anna is a precious girl with a sweet personality.  I think she'd make a great Kindergarten teacher one day.

And 3 kiddos who attended school Monday through Friday.  These guys were the ones I saw every day of this school year, and so, they deserve a little bit more space on this blog.  I might post some more pictures later.

First, this is Laura Mae.  LM has been such a pleasure to watch grow this year.  Not only has she gotten bigger physically, her personality has stretched & grown.  She started out the year quiet & passive, and ended the year with a lot of GIRL POWER.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and is one of the most polite & well mannered little ladies I've ever met.  I love ya, LM!

Next is Jacob.  Jacob is a man's man sort of boy.  He likes golf & sports & bugs.  He enjoys building things and digging in the dirt.  He likes to run and play and isn't such a fan of sitting still and listening to stories.  He's all boy!  He is a sweetheart with a neat family.  I've enjoyed having Jacob this year.  I think he'll be a golf pro one day.

And last but not least is Harman.  She is a spunky little thing.  Harman has a ton of energy & is very loving and friendly to everyone she meets.  She loves to help me and the other kids anytime a need arises.  Harman is strong & independant and has made friends with everyone this year.  With her personality & people skills, I think she'll be an attorney or a politician one day.  You've got my vote, girl!

And so, I bid a fond farewell to my Mon/Wed/Fri class.  Have a great summer, guys.

I did OK tears until this.

Look...the chairs are stacked up for the last time.  Their chair tags are gone.  Name tags from the shelf where they hang up their bags are gone.  I got a little choked up when I saw these this afternoon.

But I'm ok.  I'll see many of the kids this summer.  Some are going to summer school at least some part of the summer, so I will see them again.  This isn't farewell.  It's just goodbye....for now.

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