Thursday, May 22, 2008

Political ambitions

A few weeks ago, Larry was approached by a member of the city council.  This man was nominating Larry to fill a seat that had been opened by our recently elected mayor.  Larry has always had aspirations of running for an elected office, even if that just means the school board or city council.  When this came up, he jumped on the chance to serve in such a way!  The gentleman who nominated him assured him that there were no other candidates for the position & it was pretty well a "done deal".  We were to come to a council meeting tonight at 6:00 and let the council vote on Larry's involvement & then, assuming they liked him, they would swear him in immediately.

WELL...a couple of days ago, the man called back.  A little glitch came up... 3 other men had been nominated as well.  It was no longer a "done deal", but we were still hopeful.  Tonight we all dressed up (to look professional, after all), skipped church and went to the city council meeting.  We sat through the entire meeting, quietly listening.  The kids did great!  Everyone was excited about Larry's future in small town politics.  When they finally reached the part of the meeting that we'd come for, they decided to skip over it & hold it til next week's meeting.  Since there were several candidates involved now, they wanted to make sure each of the candidates was thoroughly prepared (1 candidate wasn't there tonight).  Next week, they will allow each candidate to speak for about 3 minutes, introducing themself to the council & then the council will have some Q&A time with them.  Unfortunately, that meeting will be held in the middle of the time that we'll be sitting in Savannah's school cafeteria watching her awards ceremony.  Larry was quick to point out that his family comes first, so he will miss the "interview" session of the council meeting.  I suppose they could still "hire" him based on his bio sheet & resume, but it's probably a little less likely than if he were to go there & let them talk to him.  He doens't seem the least bit upset or bummed about this, which is great.  He said tonight that if this is God's will, He'll make it happen......and if it's not, He'll shut the doors.  I'll let ya know what happens.

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