Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday May 25

Today's been great!  This morning was church as usual.  With gas prices rising (SOARING), we have begun to take 1 vehicle to church.  It's a little inconvenient for the kids & I to go early (because there is really nothing for us to do) but it's necessary right now.  We are spending a ton on gas like the rest of the world, so anything we can do to cut back is helpful.

Anyway, we went to church early with Larry and it ended up being a neat time.  Larry has a pastor's prayer meeting at 8:45.  We got to the church about 8:30.  By 8:40 the kids were bored & Savannah disappeared into the gym.  Soon after, Samuel went hunting for her.  And then I went searching for them to bring them back to the office.  It was a sweet scene to walk in & find them in the church kitchen (just off the gym).  They were helping an older couple prepare the elements for communion.  So sweet.  They were putting the tiny cups into the trays for them and then the gentleman let Savannah use the little pouring bottle to fill the cups.  Before ya knew it, I was helping fill cups too.  What a sweet thing to do as a family.  (well, not the whole family, but part of us)  Afterward, it was time for me to go work in the nursery & the kids went back to the office with Larry, who was out of his meeting by then.

After church, we came home & zonked out.  It's our belief that the 11th commandment is "Thou shalt nap on Sundays."  ha ha!  We follow that one pretty closely.

Since we didn't have church tonight, the kids stayed home with Larry while I went shopping.  My Mon/Wed/Fri class gave me a sizable Target gift card for my end of the year gift so I went on a little shopping spree.  (THANK YOU GUYS!!!)  I really needed some new clothes, so that was my goal.  I ended up having a bum trip because there just wasn't much selection.  Their plus-sized department is pretty small anyway, but today it was really shabby.  (Sorry if I ruined the image any of you had of me.  I am indeed a plus-sized girl.)  They have all these shirts that look like maternity tops to me, so I just don't go there.  I mean seriously, if you're bigger than a size 10, you probably shouldn't wear something that looks sorta umm... "poofy" in the tummy department.  No thanks.  So I skipped over all of those!  I ended up finding ONE shirt & ONE pair of capris.  Seriously.  That's IT.  It's ok.  I'll go back later & try again.  I decided that since this gift card was specifically meant to be spent on ME, I'd also peek at shoes & books & CDs & other thinks that I would like to have but never spend the money on.  I found a pair of tennis shoes (because I reallyyyyyyy needed some!) and another pair of cute shoes.  I got a book I've wanted to read and the new Natalie Grant CD, too.  I didn't get as much as I was hoping in the way of clothes, but I did get to spend some time focusing on buying ME stuff.  That doesn't happen very often.  And now I'll get to go back later & do it again!  What a treat!

After the kids went to bed, I went on my FIRST BIKE RIDE since getting my new bike.  It was great!  How often can I honestly say that about exercise?  I'm blown away.  I seriously loved it.  I made a big loop around through my neighborhood & would've kept going but the bike was making a funky scraping sound so I came back to the house & had Larry look at it.  Turns out, one of my pedals is bent funny & scratches against the thingy that covers the chain.  I have no idea what it's called, but you know...that THING under the pedals.  Anyway, it was after 9pm and dark, so he decided that it's just going to have to scrape for now.  I parked the bike & only then realized I was sweating a lot and my heart was pumping pretty good.  Cool.  It worked for the purpose it was purchased!  Yahoo!  It'll take some time to get used to riding a bike again.  My braking maneuvers tonight were a little jumpy---either applying too much pressure & nearly flinging myself over the handlebars or not applying enough pressure & having to drag my feet to stop fully.  Other than the one time I almost T-boned the side of a red Silverado, I did pretty good.  I'll get there.

It's nearly 11pm now and I'm headed off to the shower.  I've got to make a pan of brownies for a lunch we're going to tomorrow with some friends from church, too.  I think I may be up a while.  Looking forward to our day off tomorrow.  Any plans at your house?

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