Monday, November 2, 2009

NaBloPoMo -- November 2

Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make me smile & fill my heart with pride for my kids. Today, I got 2 of those things.

First, I found this picture Samuel drew last night while he was in bed. Funny thing....we hadn't been talking about anything like this before he went to bed. He did this all on his own. You'll have to click it to make it larger probably. It's a picture of 3 crosses on a hill & underneath it's labeled simply "God's Grace".

Then I found this letter to Santa that Sarah wrote last year. She put it on the table with the milk and cookies at bedtime. I loved it, so I stuck it in my dresser drawer & had forgotten about it until today. I love seeing things like this from my kids. It proves to me that we're doing things well where Christmas is concerned.


Living the G life! said...

Love them both! Samuels picture is awesome! and Sarah's letter is so great! Way to show them the true meaning of life in everything. You guys are awesome parents.

Kate said...

How precious!!

Lori Darlin said...

What a sweet post. Love both the pic and the letter. Thanks for the prayers for my little guy in class. He started off in a bad mood but he had a wonderful morning after all. Someone ask me, if I told him that God loves him. I was like well yeah, I had to throw that into our conservation. Always do even if I work at a public school. :)