Monday, November 9, 2009

NaBloPoMo - November 9

I had planned to do a "34 things about me" post for my 34th birthday, but well.... I listed about 10 things & got stumped. I'm thinking that anyone who's read my blog for any length of time probably can name 34 things about me already. ha ha!

And then I was going to go with 34 things I'm thankful for, but I got about 15 items into the list & realized that I was too sleepy to keep it going.

So then I thought of a new 'theme'. 34 pictures from my life!

And then blogger messed up on me & wouldn't let me upload more than 25! So ugh...I'm sleepy & ready to hit the sack, so here ya no particular order..... 25 pics for my birthday! :)

Me & Christian on the last day of school 2008-09

2-3 years old
9th grade, I think.
me & Kyna, 9th or 10th grade dance class @ WHS
Senior pic
Kristi Coats (Perryman), Heather Rice (Lyles) and me on the day we graduated from WHS.
My wedding day (just about 4 months after the picture above!)
2/15/01, Sarah's birthday. Me & my little stairsteps.

Bethany & I, summer's been entirely too long!

2005 Christmas Eve family pic
2006, Christmas Eve family pic
Oct 2008, family pic
Thanksgiving 2008, family pic
Sometimes I want to post this in my classroom!

....but not on this day!
My sweet Savannah
Silly Samuel
Smiley Sarah
The pretty flowers Larry had sent to me today for my birthday!

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