Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaBloPoMo - November 4

Friday is my school's annual teacher training conference. Once a year, we shut down the school for a day & travel to a nearby town, about an hour away, for a day full of workshops & classes. We usually get a class schedule several weeks ahead of time & are given the chance to sign up for 4 break out sessions that we can attend while we're at the conference. Those classes are usually what MAKES the day. Loads of info to soak in, tons of great ideas to make notes of. It's usually a FUN day that I really enjoy.

Hmm...well, usually.

I'm having a hard time getting excited about it this time. On Friday, we'll be hearing from this lady. All. Day. Long. As in, we'll sit in one spot & listen to JUST this lady. All. Day. Long. I have a hard time sitting still through a 1 hour church service. If you sit near me, you'll see me reach for my purse & fidget a lot. Worship time is my favorite part because I get to stand up & MOVE. (Thank goodness I'm a charasmatic worshiper!) I just don't DO the sitting still for 8 hours thing. Oh yeah. I'm excited.

I hope she's good.

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