Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fri Aug 1 (summer day 62)

Today was a nice, quiet day.  When I woke up this morning, we realized that we were out of EVERYTHING!  Seriously...we didn't have enough bread to fix toast for everyone.  There was about 1/2 a cup of milk (which means not enough for anyone to drink or cereal).  I only had 3 eggs (not enough for five people).  I was out of biscuits, bacon & sausage.  I had 2 half-way soft apples & only 1 carton of yogurt, so fruit & yogurt or smoothies was out of the question.  Although it was OK since tonight was the night I did grocery shopping and I had all that stuff on my list to buy, it meant that breakfast was going to have to come in the way of the donut palace.  Thankfully, no one fussed about that option.  We made a quick list of who wanted what & ran to the shop for donuts.  Yummy!  The kids were blissed out (& sugar buzzed) the rest of the morning!

We spent the morning working on some chores, returning phone calls, organizing one of the kids' school box (I'll tackle the other 2 tomorrow).  We had to make a run to the post office (we sell books on & one of the joys that comes along with that is a weekly visit to our local post office to mail stuff).  On the way back, we ran through McDonald's to use some Happy Meal coupons.  Samuel got some sort of little spy toy in his meal.  While driving home, he pulled it out & was telling me what he got, and that it had a little light on it.  Trying to get into the little boy/cool spy toy mode I said " you're going to use that for some super secret spy work, huh?  You could be sneaky & crawl into the air conditioning vents of a big building where the bad guys are committing their crimes & shine it down like a laser light to blind them, right?" 

His reply?  "Umm, no mom.  I'll just use it to spy on the girls."

Well duh.  LOL!  That knucklehead!

This evening, I did indeed buy our groceries as planned & picked up a couple of more school supplies.  I try to get a few each time I go grocery shopping over the summer so that we're pretty well done buying stuff when school starts.  We're almost done!!  I'm so glad, too!  Those back to school aisles are beginning to get a little crowded & I want out of there as early as I can be!!  Anyone want to do a little proxy supply shopping for me so I don't have to do it?!  ha!  I must admit, the smell of new pink erasers & all those packages of notebook paper get me a little excited.  Not in the "yeah, my kids are going back to school" way.  I guess it's the teacher in me, but I've always loved school supplies.  Of course, as a mom, I despise the fact that I spend so much on them every year....but I love running my fingers over all the fresh spiral notebooks.  I get a thrill out of labelling a thousand items for my kids & putting them into a bag to lug up to the school on meet the teacher night.  I remember, as a little girl, I'd go through my school supplies over & over before school started each year, labelling each one & daydreaming about how I'd use it once school started.  Sigh...yeah, I know, I'm warped.

All in all, another good day.  And excitement ensued tonight when I realized that 2 weeks from today I'll be meeting my buddy Bethany!!!  I knew we were getting close, but it's really here!  Only 2 weeks!  You see....Bethany & I joined an online Christian mom's group nearly a decade ago.  We ended up becoming close friends & moved far beyond emails.  We talk at least once a week (sometimes more) on the phone.  We've swapped pictures of our families for years.  We've even shared videos of our kids & our homes.  We've walked through 4 pregnancies together (2 for her, 2 for me), a miscarriage, marital problems, good times & bad, 1 bankruptcy, a divorce, custody stuff....oh the list is long.  We joke that we have a DNA link somewhere because we are very similar.  We've laughed & cried & prayed together (over the phone & by email & IM).  And now we finally get to meet!!!!!  Larry & I will be flying to her hometown in 2 weeks!  YAHOO!!!!!  I can't wait to meet ya, girl!  Well, "Meet" doesn't seem like the right word, but it'll be good to finally physically touch her & hug her neck after all these years of being best friends!  (I consider myself to have 3 best friends--aside from my husband & sisters & mom....and Bethany is in that group.)  Anyway, I am very excited!!  (can ya tell?)

I should hush now & go dig into my People magazine.  It is calling me.  Goodnight!

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