Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Aug 7, summer day 68

I've been looking at the calendar.

I'm amazed at how quickly this summer has passed.

I mean, seriously amazed.

At the beginning of the summer, we had all these days spread out wide before us, months of free time.  Peaceful days of relaxation.  A couple of sleepovers & day camps.


It's over.  (almost)

The kids have just a hair over 2 weeks til they start school again.  And here's the thing.  Every day between now & then is booked.  Seriously.  Every day. 

I take that back.  We have one day when we're not running or doing or going, and dad gummit (you know I live in Texas, right?  ha ha), I'm not going to fill that day.  We're going to lay on the couch all day, stare at the TV & veg.  And I might not answer the phone that day either.  Gotta protect one last day of solitude & quiet.

This is my calendar for the next couple of weeks.  (Yes I blurred it on purpose....I don't need some fruit loop showing up to greet me at the orthodontist appointment or visiting with me on an airplane!)

See that one square, on a Wednesday?  It's smack dab in the middle of the calendar.  That's the one.  There's nothing on it.  See that?  Don't call me that day.  I'll be vegging out with some dopey movie followed by an animated kiddie flick, indulging in chocolate, snuggling my babies, dozing off, breathing in that fabulous, warm, humid, muggy summer air for one more day.  Yeah....  That's the life.

Of course, between now & then and in the days after, you will find me in the blur that zips past you on the highway around here.  I am relishing every single thing we're doing....but boy oh boy.... it's made the summer past quickly.

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mamafaye2 said...

 And such is life, my dear.  I am now 62 years old, and it seems like yesterday, I was putting a diaper on you.   Like the old saying, "We get too soon old and too late smart".  I am just thankful to be here to watch you raise these amazing kids that I also get to snuggle and play with.  Thanks for taking good care of "MY babies".