Saturday, August 30, 2008

a gift from WOF/spending the night at the zoo

Last weekend I went to Women of Faith in Dallas.  When I got home, I posted about it & included pictures.  (Scroll down if you want to see that post.)  Upon posting, a lady who works for Women of Faith somehow found my post.  I'm not entirely certain how she stumbled upon it, but she did.  (Melissa, if you're still reading, can you tell me how you found me?)  She commented on how much she enjoyed the post & asked if she could send me a gift for supporting WOF & sharing about it on the blog.  Well, sure ya can!  :)  Who would turn that down?  My gift arrived yesterday.  It was a neat little stationary set with this year's WOF theme on it.  Very cool!  I almost feel like a celebrity!  :)

Last night, the local Cub Scout group (which Larry & Samuel are a part of) got to spend the night at the zoo!  The guys had to report in by 6:30.  They locked the front gates so that no one else could sneak in and everyone made their way to the African Huts for the night.  They had an educational program for the boys where they talked about the animals & safety stuff.  They took a flashlight tour of the zoo at 9pm.  They got to hand-feed the giraffes.  They made crafts.  They had snacks.  Animal cookies!  ha ha!  When it was all said & done, they crashed in the huts.  However, at 8am, there was a knock at my front door.  It was Larry & Samuel.  (Remember, the zoo is about a 35 minute drive from here, so they left EARLY!!)  Larry said he'd never been able to go to sleep.  They were really packed into this little hut thing.  It was co-ed, so everyone was sleeping in their clothes.  It was hot.  The floors were hard.  You get the idea.  He gave up about 7am & left.  Samuel still had a blast, though!  And Larry said it was worth the night of no sleep to get to do something cool like that with his son.

Oh....and he took some pictures.  :::snicker, snicker:::  The poor guy shouldn't quit his day job though.  These are the best two of the whole batch!

(that's Samuel in the gray shirt)

ha ha haha ha!!!



mamafaye2 said...

 That second picture makes me wonder all over again what it would be like to have a sore throat with THAT neck!  Sounds like fun to me.

melanieivy526 said...

Well you're welcome - I'm glad you liked it!  We actually put a lot of focus on the feedback that we receive from the conferences, so I go out on the web and search google blogs for postings with "Women of Faith" in it to see what kind of buzz we're getting out there on the blog world.  Yours came up, and that's how I came across it!  I often forward them around, so we decided one day to let the women know that we DID see their posts and appreciated the feedback and sharing the experience on the web with their friends & family.  


p.s. - LOL at the zoo pictures!  Sounds like SUCH a great time, though!  How come our cub scout groups just goes and picks up leaves from the park and stuff? ;)