Friday, August 22, 2008

Thurs Aug 21 (day 82)

Well, summer school is officially over.  Today was our last day.  3 of "my" kids brought me gifts!  Wow!  I really didn't expect that, but it sure was nice!  Here's a pic that one of the kids' mom took of us.  I had this little sweetie in my class all of last school year & this summer, so today was our last day together.  I love ya, Sophie!

We had a last day of summer school party today & afterward, I took all the chair tags off, took down the nametags, removed decorations from the summer & voila....all ready for the Fall!  :)

Tomorrow morning, I'll leave bright & early for Women of Faith!  I can't wait!  I really enjoy it, so I'm excited to get there!!

Tonight was Meet the Teacher night for Samuel & Sarah.  I was excited to find that Samuel got the same 3rd grade teacher Savannah had a few years ago.  Sarah's 2nd grade teacher is a sweet lady that we met briefly last year.  Her classroom was right next to Samuel's class, so they got to see each other every day & she loved Samuel.  With that being the case, she was happy to see him walk in with Sarah tonight.  The kids' classrooms are only a few doorways apart in the same hall, so they'll be able to walk in together every day this year!  I'm really excited about that!  Big brother can always walk baby sister into school & make sure she makes it safely.  :)  Yeah...that'll be good!

See ya when I get back late Saturday evening!

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