Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Just a quick post, but I had to share this!!!

Tonight, on the way home from church, somehow the kids' conversations turned to Andrew & Kourtney.  We don't talk about them as much these days as we used to.  I don't avoid talking about them with the kids, but they just don't bring them up as often.  Larry & I still talk about them and heaven knows, they're on my mind frequently.  Anyway, up until tonight, I have yet to have a positive conversation about their time with us with Savannah.  She, being the oldest and the one who was most profoundly effected by the negative stuff while A&K lived here, has had the hardest time forgiving & moving forward.  And while I don't blame her for being hurt and angry, at the same time, I have spent countless hours praying for God to help her move out of that and into a time of mercy & forgiveness.  Tonight, we had just such a breakthrough!!  The kids were talking about something entirely different & out of the blue, Savannah started laughing.  When I asked her what she was laughing about, it was about a funny thing Andrew used to do.  It stunned me because it came so entirely out of the blue.  We talked a while & everyone had more sweet memories to share.  In the end, the conversation moved to what I believe is best for Andrew & Kourtney for their future.  We talked about how they are in a good, safe, healthy atmosphere now and that I feel like it's best for them to get to stay there now.  The kids all listened intently & seemed to really understand.  I was able to point out that while I was sad that they couldn't live with us anymore, I was happy that they are in a stable home where they're taken care of.  We talked about the Scripture that tells us to take care of the widows & orphans, about how we served God in that way for a while.  It was a season of our lives that we were able to help a child of God and then the season ended.  All three kids were quiet & respectful during that conversation.  In the past, Savannah would've scoffed or rolled her eyes or commented on how glad she is that it's over.  Tonight, she just listened.  Hallelujah!  That's progress!

The kids don't know, but A&K's dad's parole is up for review again.  Meaning that in a few months, he could be out.  (Feb 10, 2009 will make 3 years since the wreck that sent him to prison.)  Several months ago, Larry received a letter from his brother, 'forgiving' him for all he'd done wrong.  While neither Larry or I feel like we did anything that needed forgiving, we chose to write back & forgive him as well.  Larry felt like it was important for him to make peace with his brother.  That doesn't mean he'll let his brother get out of prison & walk all over us, but he didn't want to live at odds with his brother for the rest of his life.  Larry told him that he would not oppose his parole when the review came up again.  (meaning he won't write letters trying to beg to have him stay in prison)  While this is very hard for me, I respect Larry's feelings and will back him up on this.  We got the letter a few days ago stating that it's time for the annual parole review.  It gave instructions on where to write/call if you wanted to respond to the parole review board. 

Please pray that God's will is done here.  And praise Him with me for the change I saw in Savannah's heart tonight!!


momtobigspenders said...

Oh never told us about A&k's dad writing the forgiving letter.. Lets just pray that God has changed his heart while he was sitting in prison..and that if he comes out he will be a better man!

nursegirl1994 said...

Such a difficult situation. You have both handled it with such grace.  We did not know you both at the time, but through the Sunday School class and all the prayer request being mentioned, on your behalf, I know about this situation.  We all prayed for you then.  I will keep this specific need in my prayers!