Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday August 2, Summer day 63

As you can tell, I'm enjoying playing around w/ the font & color these last couple days.  :)

Today was a nice, quiet day.  I had planned to spend a while working on laundry but our schedules didn't end up working for that.  (shucks...ya gotta hate that!  ha ha ha ha!)

We slept a little later than usual (well, Larry & I did anyway...the kids are always up before we wake up--thank God for cartoons!).  We ate breakfast, then loaded up & to do a few things.

I buy the sodas for the school where I work, so we had to go to Walmart & get those.  (NOTE:  I don't pay for them, I'm just the person who goes & buys them.)  The coffee maker in our Sunday School classroom kicked the bucket last week, too, so we had to get a new one of those as well.

When we were done there, we headed to the hospital to visit some friends whose 4 month old has been sick.  She had a virus of some sort & being a teeny little thing, they didn't want to risk her losing weight and getting further dehydrated, so they hospitalized her for a couple days.  When we got there, they were packed up & ready to be discharged.  We visited in the room for a short time, then helped them to carry things out to their car & waved goodbye as they headed home with their (now healthier) baby girl.  I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers for continued wellness.

We came home & ate lunch, then headed to my parents' house for the evening.  Several cool things happened there.

#1--Our main reason for going was so that Larry could use my dad's workshop to change the oil in his truck & look at a few things that have been giving him trouble.  One of those things was the air conditioner.  Now, remember...we live in Texas.  Where we have 100+ degree days frequently.  And 90+ degree days the rest of the time.  And summer for 9 months out of the year.  So...having a dead A/C in the car is REALLY crummy.  We haven't been able to afford going somewhere to get it fixed (or even just looked at for that matter), but my dad has a lot of mechanic tools & upon checking it, they realized that there is a leak in the hoses somewhere, but if you just refilled the system w/ the non-freon stuff (I can't think of what it's called), it works!  Larry's really been sweating having a dead A/C (pun intended) and now it's working!  Too bad we didn't figure this out earlier this summer!  At least now he can be comfortable in his car!!!!

#2--They fed us supper!  Yahoo!  With money tight, gas prices high, groceries costing more lately (b/c of the high gas prices) and just the general cost of raising 3 kids, it's always a nice treat when someone else covers a meal for us.  That means I can save the groceries I was going to cook tonight & use them later...which translates into a savings for us.  Thanks, mama!!!

#3-- Mom & Dad have been blessed to own some land where an oil company has decided to drill.  If that company gets some oil, well!  But in the meantime, they have to PAY mom & dad to lease the land to put up a rig & tear things up.  While they're not rolling in the dough just yet (wink!), they have had a little money dropped in their laps & they are itching to take my family on a trip!  How cool is that?!  We're working on planning a trip next summer (because this one is almost over!) when the kids get out of school.  It'll be fun to have a year to plan it & get all the details worked out.

Of course, like I told mom...I have a hundred other things to be excited about between now & then, so I'm reserving my excitement for later.  For now, I just feel blessed to have parents that likes to spend time with me & my hubby and kids!

#4-- I got a bag of free tomatoes!  We go through them pretty fast over here and my parents live on a big tract of land where they grow all sorts of fruits & veggies.  Mom tells me she's going to ring my neck if I buy tomatoes because they have such an abundance of them every year.  If we had enough land (& time and know-how) to do it, we'd have a garden too.  Maybe one day....

::::Sigh::::  It's been a good day.  Time for me to hit the sack.  After all, I'm working in the nursery tomorrow morning at church.  Gotta rest up!

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