Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mon Aug 18, 2008 (Summer day 79)

Boy...today was hard.  I was sleepy & trying to take care of my kids & unpack 2 suitcases & do laundry and well...you get the idea.  I did fit in a nap this afternoon, though, so that helped.

We got home last night about 2am.  It took me about an hour to unwind enough to get to sleep, so it was 3am before I was in bed.  (which is WHY I needed a nap this afternoon)

My parents brought the kids home about 9:30 this morning.  I had planned to go get them, but since they took bikes with them and those won't fit into my van, mom & dad did the shuttle service for me.  Thanks, guys!  I am blessed.  My parents love me enough to keep my three heathens (err...I mean, my sweet little rays of sunshine) all weekend long so that I can fly to the Show-Me-State to meet people.  Way to go, grandma & grandpa!

The kids came home & got unpacked & put away their stuff and then we just hung out watching TV together & talking for most of the day.  I did wake up enough to remember that they should eat lunch somewhere in there, and after I took a nap, we made a quick trip to the store for a couple of things that I had intentionally not bought before we left because it would sit & maybe go bad.  We came home & made supper, ate and hung out some more before bedtime.

I enjoy lazy days like this one!  Tomorrow it's back to work.  sigh...the weekend's over.  Boy was it a good one.

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mamafaye2 said...

  The kids were a joy to have with us and were no trouble at all.  In fact, the Sunday School teacher for the 2 younger ones said she wished the whole class were as good as my two.  Maybe I wasn't too mean to them.  They seemed to all go home smiling and hugging me.  I treasure the time we get to spend together.  It will be gone WAY too soon.  They do tire me out, so I must be old.  I had forgotten just how often they say, "Hey, Grandma, come see this", or "come do this with us".  Wouldn't take anything for the weekend, and I'm glad you got to make the trip.