Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Aug 9, summer day 70

I just finished watching a portion of the Larry King interview done earlier this week with Steven Curtis Chapman & his family.  A couple of days ago, I watched the Good Morning America interview, also online.  Wow.  In both interviews, the Chapman family relied entirely on their faith, pointed the world toward the HOPE they have in God and were profoundly inspiring.  Thank you, Chapman family, for being real & true to your faith.  One day, if only in Heaven, I look forward to shaking your hands & hugging your necks.

Speaking of neck-hugging, I'm getting more excited every day about my upcoming pilgrimage to meet Bethany!  It's coming up soon!!!!  Every time I think about it, my stomach does a little flip-flop and I get butterflies.  It has been such a long time coming and I can't wait!!!

On a totally different subject...
This morning, Larry took Sarah on a date.  She dressed in one of her nicer outfits, fixed her hair & even sprayed on a little perfume.  :)  They went to see Space Chimps.  They munched popcorn, slurped sodas & had a grand time.  I am truely blessed with an awesome husband who is a great Daddy to my babies.

While they were at the movies, I took Samuel & Savannah to the grocery store with me.  That's always fun.  ha ha!  They really did very well and didn't beg for everything we saw.  However, they each take a gift card to purchase an item for themselves.  Works for me!  My biggest area of trouble with them is having them watch where they're going & not stand in front of the buggy when I'm trying to turn it or move out of someone's way.  I guess that takes time & practice though.  They don't get much practice because I don't take them shopping very often.  Hmm....ok, who wants to make a donation for some shopping practice time?  Come on...we're talking about some important skills.  Right?  <snicker>

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I just heard about that interview. (we had our tv shut off for the summer to keep the kids outside). Just heartbreaking!