Friday, August 15, 2008

Thurs Aug 14 (day 75)

Tonight, we took the kids out to celebrate the end of their summer reading program.  You'll remember that earlier this summer we made the choice to do a reading program at home instead of participating in the library's program.  We have enjoyed the library's reading program each summer for 5 or 6 years now, but decided to do something different this year by creating our own program!  Each of the kids was able to decide on their reading goal for the summer & then earned 1 sticker for each book they read.  We told them early on that we'd take a trip to Chuck E. Cheese to play games at the end of the summer if we saw that they really made an effort & tried to read to their goal.  If they reached their goal, they'd get a $10 gift certificate to a store of their choice!!  (Trust me, this is ideal in comparison to the prizes & gifts they would've had to choose from at the library's prize auction.)  Savannah's goal was 100 books & she hit her goal exactly!  Samuel's goal was initially 90 books, but by mid-summer, he realized that he'd set that number a little HIGH & reduced it to 40 books.  He ended up the summer having read 35 books.  Sarah's goal was 60 books and as of today, she had read 63.  This is the poster we've kept track on all summer long.

And so, tonight we went to Chuck E. Cheese as promised!  The kids had a blast while Larry & I sat at the table & talked.  (Thank goodness for good C.E.C. coupons!!)  This is about all we saw of them for the hour or so we were there.

And of course, when they were done, each of the kids cashed in their tickets for some valuable prizes.  Chuck E. Cheese is the emporium for classy plastic crap ya know?  This was what Samuel chose to 'purchase'.  He actually wore them to Casa Ole...and wore them through most of the meal.  LOL!  The waitress got a kick out of it & we had lots of giggles as people passed the table.  The goober!

You may notice a slight drop in my posting this weekend.  I'm sure some of you (most of you?) are shouting for joy that you won't have any little email alerts telling you that I've posted for a couple days.  ha ha!  I won't be around to post because I'm off to meet my buddy Bethany!  (& Chris and Mindy, too!)  As always, I won't post any details of where I'm going or anything like that til I get home.  Gotta be safe, ya know!!  See ya when I get home!!!!  I'll have pictures & stories to tell I'm sure!

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nursegirl1994 said...

Looks like fun and an successful familiy night.  Still no word on move and job.  Chris has a follow up interview on Wedensday, in the big "D".  I will let you know. (have I already told you this?)