Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fri Aug 8, Summer day 69

Did I mention last night that Sarah had a friend spend the night?  She is the daughter of a girlfriend of mine who I've known, quite literally, since birth.  Our mothers were friends when they were pregnant with us, attended each other's baby showers & visited the hospital when we were born--10 days apart.  With all that history, it's fun to see our daughters be good buddies.  Sarah & "M" have been in the same class at school these last 2 years and will be on the same campus this Fall, hopefully in the same class again!  (I guess we'll see in a couple of weeks!)

Part of the excitement of having M over was to visit the splashground today.  (Remember the place from my staycation pictures?)  Well......after a month of drought conditions around here, wouldn't ya know that TODAY would be the day it finally we were driving to the splashground?!  And it continued to rain for the next couple of hours!  By the time we had given up, gone home & changed clothes, went to Dairy Queen for lunch/playtime, came home & hung out some more...THEN it finally stopped.  But by then it was time for M to go home.  Poor kids!  They all wanted to go play at the splashgrounds.  Maybe next time.

A few minutes before M's mom arrived to pick her up, the girls went out to check on King & pet him.  M left about 1:30 or so.  At 4:00 when I went out to check the mail, guess who was sitting on my front porch?  KING!  Apparently one of the girls left the gate open & King got out.  Thankfully, he came & hung out on the porch for over 2 hours.  I am SOOOO glad he didn't spot a cat!  (that's the ONLY thing he's willing to run for)  He was sitting at the door, patiently awaiting a treat.  It's his routine.  If he gets to come out of the fence at all, he comes directly to the front door for with whomever opened the gate for him & steps inside for a treat.  We usually do this at least once or twice a day.  Everyone loves on him & pets him and then he goes back out to his fenced yard.

:::yawn:::  I'm sleepy.  Heading off to bed now.  Goodnight!

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