Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook friends

Ok, just curious....

If you're on Facebook, what is your 'criteria' for accepting someone as a friend?

Do you accept people from high school (junior high, college, dance class, summer sports you played as a teen, etc) if you haven't seen them since that time of your life?

Do you accept mutual friends? Maybe you've seen their posts & comments on your friends' posts for a year & feel like you already know the person..??

Do you accept online friends? The ones you've met because you've read their blog for the last 10 years....or maybe you were in an email group together at some time in the past?

Do you accept friends from old churches, old work places, old neighborhoods (etc) that you haven't seen since you left that place?

And what is your criteria for removing a person as your "friend" on facebook? Do you have a timeframe in mind? (i.e. I haven't talked to this person on here in ___ weeks/months, so it's time to remove them.) Or do you leave them inevitably? Do they have to 'do something' that upsets you to remove them? Do you go through & 'clean out' your friend list now & then?

I'm really curious about all this and how everyone else does it. Comment here or email me (it's at the top right of the screen) or if you're a friend on Facebook, send me an inbox message.


Ruth said...

First, I have to know the person. Some of my friends are people I 'know' from online groups, but there has been interaction. I've really enjoyed reconnecting with folks all the way back to grade school for me.

Which brings in my next criteria for friends. If you're from my past, we need to have had a positive past. If you bullied me when I was in high school, I no longer need to be afraid of telling you 'no thanks'. Were you popular and knew who I was but ignored me because I wasn't good enough for you? I will deny your 'friend' request because I CAN!

I look at my friend list as something in my life that I have control over! I choose no drama so I don't friend a person who likes drama. I know where I stand politically and if you are vocal about being very far the other direction, I won't friend you.

Chances are good that if you're my friend on FB, then you can know that I like you!

SandyL said...

I have to know the person and be okay with them knowing my family...I have friends from Highschool, church, and just life. Right after my son died a lot of his friends wanted to be on my page and I let them for a while but then I deleted them.

I only delete if I don't like all the postings someone posts Like if it offends me a LOT...or if they have caused problems. Every now and then I will delete people that never talk to me..I feel like they are just up in my business to spy.

I have had people want to add me cause they are so and so's cousin and I say No...I don't know them..

I do have online friends on my facebook but they are people I have interacted with for a long time and they know all about my family

Lauree said...

I haven't deleted too many friends. My ex-SIL, which the "ex" explains that. I will delete friends if there are too many f-bombs dropped! ugh-I hate the bad language. I have accepted friends I don't know but are a part of various adoption groups. I have a lot of Junior High friends etc since I teach that age in Sunday School and a couple of their friends have friended me and I didn't accept them because I didn't know them. I have said I won't keep friends if their FB content is questionable or un-christian like then I will delete them BUT we talked about this in Sunday School and have sort of changed my mind. If they aren't Christians then maybe the only Christ-like postings they see will come off my FB page-does that make sense? This came about because I accepted a request from a family member who is a drug addict and a whole assortment of other things. She posts things that embarrass me but I love her and my postings of scripture may be the only ones she sees-make sense? Anyway, that doesn't help much. I will say if we weren't friends in high school, I won't accept their friend request if they're not in my life now. You and I became on-line friends through Jennifer I think, and I cherish our on-line friendship and maybe one day we'll get to hang out! :)