Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer: Days 24-25

Fri June 24

Friday morning, Samuel, Sarah & I went to the grocery store. Before I left, I posted this on Facebook:
Going shopping with 2 kids this morning. Will it be calm & sweet or will I come home wishing for needles to drive under my fingernails? Only time will tell....
Fortunately for the kids & I, I was able to put the sewing kit up when we got home. No needles were required. Although their attitudes toward each other left something to be desired throughout a few moments of the grocery store trip, overall they did well. I was proud.

Shortly after we got home, a girlfriend of mine texted & asked if I knew how to paint. I had to giggle because before we moved into this house, we repainted every single room. I even tackled painting the kitchen cabinets! Seriously, EVERY room was painted, all the woodwork/trim, inside the closets...everything! I have a pair of sweats with paint stains of many colors to prove it. Last night I went over & helped her and a couple other of her friends paint a couple rooms in her house. It was a fun girls' night out, if you count it as a GNO when my kids came & hung out in another room the whole time. ha ha! And guess what? I wore those same paint-stained sweats & added a new color to them. I think it goes quite nicely with the rest of the rainbow.

Sat June 25

This morning I had a fun trip into town in my pajamas, but I swear it was unintentional. ha ha! I've mentioned it here before, but there is a program we participate in called Angel Food Ministries. (Check their website HERE.) Anyone can purchase a box of food from them & use it to help with their monthly grocery expenses. The food in the boxes vary from month to month, but it's primarily frozen packages of vegetables, steaks/pork chops/chicken and a variety of other things. This month there was also eggs, instant oatmeal and some canned goods. There are fresh fruit/veggie boxes you can buy, as well as frozen convenience meal boxes (we don't get those). You won't find expensive organic things in the boxes unfortunately, but it does help fill the gaps if your grocery budget is an issue. It is not a welfare/foodstamps program (however they do accept foodstamps as one form of payment), but a ministry to help the general population cut their budget in the food bill department. I will admit, however, that many of the people who pick up the boxes appear to be from the welfare in case you decide to participate yourself, be forewarned if that bothers you. I really could care less who else is buying their cheap food at the same place I am! You order it early in the month & then one Saturday morning late in the month you go pick up your box(es).

For several months now, Larry has made the Saturday morning trip to pick up the box of food. He's assured me that you pull up, lean out the window & give them your name and the people working there bring the box out to your never even have to get out! We decided last night that I would go pick up the box of food this morning, so when the alarm went off early this morning, I threw a jacket on over my PJ's (cotton shorts & an old Tshirt) and drove to the church where you pick up the food. One little problem though--- there had been some set back & everyone was being asked to come inside to pick up their box of food. I sat in the parking lot, mortified that I WAS WEARING MY PAJAMAS. I couldn't decide what to all the way back home to get dressed just to turn around & come back? What if they got their 'glitch' worked out while I was gone & by the time I returned they might be working at their regular capacity? I sat & watched the crowd going into & out of the building and finally got up the nerve (based on the attire many of the other people in the crowd were wearing!) to go in & pick up my box. I went inside & stood in a short line and retreated as quickly as possible.

When I got home, Larry was still asleep in bed.

So I whacked him with a pillow & laughed as I told him about the crazy morning I'd had.

We hung around the house this morning & then drove a couple hours away to retrieve Savannah who has been visiting some out of town friends since Tuesday. She had a great visit with them and I am continually grateful for the way they welcome her into their home every summer. This family moved away the summer after the girls were in 1st grade. I am amazed that they are still friends all these years later -- they're going into 10th grade this Fall! How many little girls & boys do you know who form such strong friendships at 6 & 7 years old? Strong enough to still be friends at 15 when there is 3 hours between their homes? I am wow'd every time Savannah comes home from a visit & says they had a ball. I keep thinking that one of these days they're going to all outgrow each other, but I'm so glad they haven't!

The rest of the day has been spent hanging around the house & watching a movie together tonight. What a great Saturday!

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