Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer: days 3 & 4

Summer 2011 days 3 & 4 were fun!

Day 3:
On Friday, the younger two kids & I went to a friend's house to swim for the first time this summer. They live about 2 1/2 miles away, so it only takes 5 minutes to get there.....but Samuel & Sarah were in their swimsuits & ready to GO by 8am. (We were not due at their house until 11:00!) ha ha! We had a blast swimming, visiting, playing and eating a fabulous picnic lunch that my friend provided. (Thank you Windy!)

After we went swimming, we went to the store for the week's groceries. Surprisingly, that went smoothly (it's not always the most fun thing to do with children in tow). What a refreshing treat not to have to threaten bodily harm in the middle of the frozen section!

Late last night, Savannah arrived home from her trip to the happiest place on earth. She had a blast, even if the bus broke down in the wee hours of the morning & they were stuck on the side of the highway for 5 hours! At least she slept this time around. Benadryl works wonders. I picked her up at the high school after 11pm last night. It took us quite a while to locate all of her suitcases, garment bags, carry on, her horn, etc, so it was after midnight before we got home. We sat up having a snack & chatting about Disneyworld and her hotel roommates and the bus ride and all the other exciting things a 14 yr old could discuss about a trip like this until about 1:15 this morning. I loved seeing her smiling & happy! And I loved seeing her HOME. I know she had a great time, but it sure was nice to see her make it home in one piece, safe & sound.

Day 4:
This morning my sweet husband went to a TASER class. Apparently to be certified to carry a TASER, you have to endure being shot with one. He had to go through the same thing for pepper spray many years ago. After watching some videos on youtube of other officers in training classes like this one, I knew that there was NO WAY I would go & watch him get shot. (He invited me!) No thanks. The idea of watching my husband flop & scream while being electrocuted (even if it's just for a few seconds) freaks me out. Of course, there were 10+ guys videoing it this morning while all of the guys went through being shocked, so I'm sure it'll show up on youtube soon. Now that I know he is ok & still walking upright, I'll probably be OK with watching the video, but it'll be hard. He's still hurting tonight. Being shocked made his back muscles spasm really hard like the ones he had after his spinal surgery in 2006....and he's been stiff & sore the rest of the day. I'm hoping that passes quickly, poor guy!

Tonight, a girlfriend of mine from high school was in town. We were close in school and have kept in touch all these years since then. She went into the military after we graduated & has had the privilege of living all over the country--and the world!---in the past (almost) 20 years. Every time she is in town, we try to get together. It's been such a joy to watch each others' children grow & change over the years. Tonight we got together for a dessert at a local fast food place & shared our worlds for a couple hours. I'm already looking forward to her next visit in August! See you then, Lisa!

It's nearly bedtime, so I'm going to hush now. Looking forward to summer days 5 & on!!


Lisa said...

Aww, that's sweet Liz. I can't wait for August, either. =)

Windy Smith said...

We had a great time swimming and having you all over for lunch. We will have to do it again soon. We also found Samuel's torpedo!