Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer: day 11

Saturday June 11

Today was a fun day!

Shortly before 8:00 am, I dropped Larry & Samuel off at a location here in our little town that was 5 miles from home. They had to walk back home. No....Larry & I didn't have an argument. This was a planned event. Last night, he mapped out a route for them to take. Samuel had to use a map & a compass and directions Larry had written out to guide them safely home. And they made it! It took them about 2 1/2 hours...and they had a ball! This was them as they walked off on their hike this morning. (I should probably also mention that this was a Boy Scout adventure. Samuel is working on his next rank & this was one of the things he had to do!)

By the time they got home, they had worked up an appetite. They showered and we all went to eat at a little restaurant in town where we had a gift card to spend. While we ate, we talked about how it's been a while since we've all gone to a movie together. (Of course, there's a reason why that doesn't happen often.... ka-ching!) But I think I see a movie in our future in the next few weeks--woohoo!! Guess I need to check fandango & see what's on that is 'safe' for the family to see. I remember some previews back in the winter for summer movies...and I remember that there were a bunch we wanted to see, but now I can't remember a single one of them!

This afternoon, the kids & I made something special. We watched the video below (a vlog post from our church's music/worship pastor) and they've been giddy to make the cookies ever since.

Oh yes, we did....we made oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies! They were a little messy to put together, but we made them & wow. They were HUGE. We ended up sharing cookies with a couple of our neighborhood families & friends because there were so many of them and you can really only eat 1. Per day! They are so big & so filling that you kind of feel like you may explode after eating one. They were pretty fabulous....but definitely something to save for a special occasion.

In case you're curious, I found the recipe here:


Shanda said...

We are totally gonna make those cookies...after we do the cake balls. I've had the ingredients on hand for a few days.

Y'all may want to check out the dollar movie theater in Longview. It takes us about 30-40 minutes to get there, but we love it and usually end up hitting a double feature. They're showing Soul Surfer right now so we are going to try to make it over there this week. There's also a fabulous park just down the street!

Rachel said...

Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies? That could really be my undoing!

Home of the Bergs said...

If you are looking for a cool/cheap movie idea try the drive in. It is only $6 for adults and $4 for kids. They show 2 movies at a time and you can stay for both. It is the only way that the 5 of us go to the movies anymore and the kids love it.