Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer: day 12

Sunday June 12

This morning we drove to Larry's hometown so he could preach at the Congregational Methodist Church there. They've been calling him for the better part of the past year to fill the pulpit. Not every Sunday, mind you, but he's been there a lot! Last summer they lost their pastor & needed someone to fill in. They hired someone in the late Fall but the man was out of town several times and they called Larry to come back & fill in again. We didn't hear from them much during the winter, but when the pastor resigned in the spring, we began getting phone calls again. Unfortunately it's a small church that can't afford to pay a full time salary, so it's hard to keep someone who has to be bivocational. They asked Larry to consider taking the job at one time last year, but he explained to them that he just couldn't afford to take the job. They are a sweet congregation of people in a small east Texas town. If you know of anyone wanting to be a bivocational pastor at a church like this, let me know & I'll put you in touch. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

While we're not Methodist, the people have never had a problem with Larry coming to fill the pulpit. Of course, he intentionally gives non-denominational messages so that he makes the gospel message clear without causing a conflict -- but that's the same message he'd give at ANY church!

This morning I pulled out my phone & snapped a couple of (blurry) images of him while he was preaching.

This afternoon we visited with his grandmother, dad & aunts after church and then headed home.

Tonight was our small group meeting at church. When I went to pick Sarah up from the child care area, she wanted to demonstrate her awesome hula hoop skills. She was using 3 hoops! I was impressed so of course I snapped a pic. (again...with my phone, so ignore the blurriness!)

What a great day!

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