Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer: Day 16

Thursday June 16

Great day. Worked at the preschool & ran a few errands. Came home & consumed every form of carbohydrate I could get my hands on. Hmm....PMS much? Seriously, I know you all wanted to hear that. ha ha!

Today made day 4 of the "5 Day Club" Savannah & Samuel are helping with. I am WOWed by the pictures our youth pastor is posting on Facebook nightly. I love love love seeing our youth kids walk outside of their little bubbles (you know, the bubble where everyone they know is white & Christian) and reach kids in the community for Christ. I love challenging them in a 'safe' environment where there is still supervision & a little bit of a safety net to catch them should they panic & fall. I love that it changes them & will give them something to draw from when they go back to school in the Fall & face kids who are different from them....physically, emotionally, spiritually. So proud of my kids. Here are a few pictures I 'stole' from our youth pastor's FB page. I'm betting he won't mind. (But just in case, I'm going to link him to this post so he can see that I stole them. Hmm....sorry about the PMS comment above Mark. ha ha!)

Samuel & a friend (Yep, it's a weeeeee bit hot in Texas right now.)

One of the kids attending the club working on their craft project today.

The teaching team (that's Savannah in the middle with her hair flying) teaching the kids one of the songs.

Savannah leading one of the stories or memory verses....I can't tell which.

part of the crowd --- I loveeeeeee the diversity! That's Savannah in the middle in the Coca-Cola shirt.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow for several reasons. I get to visit with a friend who is making a trip to Uganda with Parental Care Ministries soon. I get to hang out with one of my favorite kids (Sarah!) and I get to talk on the phone with a friend I've been waiting to meet for a long time while she shares with me all the cool things God is doing in their lives right now! Can't wait! Plus tomorrow is the final day of 5 day club & I know the older two kids are going to come home PUMPED!

Looking forward to the weekend ahead!


Rachel said...

Sounds like Samuel and Savanna are having a bunch of fun! I cannot believe we are already this far into summer!

Candice said...

Sounds like you're having a great summer! Great to see Savannah so involved in serving! Tell Larry 'HI' for me. :)