Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's nearly July.

I'm looking at the calendar & realizing that the month of June is nearly over. Already. Only about a week left before we're going to be turning the page to July.

And somehow, I'm okay with that. For the first time ever, I think. I'm usually the first one to wistfully say "wow....time flies...where did the month go?...I can't believe the year is halfway over already" and that sort of thing. But this time, I'm looking ahead. No, it's not because my kids are home from school & driving me nuts. (really they're doing just fine) Tonight I'm just antsy. I have a lot of things on my mind that are coming up, and I'm excited about them! Tonight, my head & my heart are going about a million miles per hour.

The month of June has sped by without me accomplishing a whole lot. I mean, we've done plenty (if you've been keeping up with the summer day count, you've seen that). But I haven't had any particular routine. And I like routines. I like having a schedule. I like knowing what to expect day to day. (Yeah, I know... that's not a big shocker for any of you who've read my blog for a while or know me in real life.) So July is quickly approaching and with it, I'm hoping to get the kids & I on a better routine! June has been a very full month. The kids have been involved in stuff with the youth group at church. I've been acclimating to working at the preschool again. We've been trying to fit in all the fun stuff we try to do every summer, but with a tight budget in mind. We've just finished up our vacation time for the year. But next month? Time to slow down a little & find a routine!

I haven't been to the gym all month. And well, that costs money. I took over handling our checkbook a couple months ago, so I've become acutely aware of where every dime goes. I don't want to cancel the membership for the summer & have to pay to re-start it in the Fall. But I also don't want to waste it! So at the beginning of July, I'll be heading back to the gym come Hell or high water. I was religious about it during the school year & there is no reason the kids can't stay home alone for 30-40 minutes three days per week during the summer! They do it now & then for other reasons, so there's no reason for me to "let myself go" all summer long! I never would've expected it, but I actually enjoy working out. Wait, I should rephrase that. I hate exercise, but I love feeling like I'm being intentional about spending some time on ME regularly. As most women (& moms!) know, we tend to put ourselves last and that's not good. I need to exercise not only for ME but for my family. They need me to be healthy for a long time! Now just to find a good time of day to go to the gym!

I haven't kept a regular Bible/quiet time/prayer time all month either. And you know, while I've read my Bible a little bit and prayed a little bit, it's not at all the same as when you have a dedicated time for it every day. This one really bothers me because I had gotten into such a good routine during the school year. I'm aching & hungry for that dedicated time again. I WILL find a special time for that daily in July!

Our church is on the brink of something big. And I'm anxious & giddy about it. They're talking about planting a church locally. I never would've thought that we might possibly be involved in a church plant, but I get butterflies in my stomach & feel my heart race every time I think about it. I don't know how we'll be involved or to what level we will be a part of it, but the Spirit keeps bringing it to mind. I'm praying about it & looking forward to seeing what God has in store.

I have no idea what is ahead for me in the Fall, job-wise. I've mentioned it here before, but the state of Texas is in a budget crisis (like so many other states in the USA). There is a big crunch on the public schools' funding so there are risks for any of us who have a "non-teaching job". (Of course, that name cracks me up because really... if you're on a campus with school-aged kids all day long, you're teaching them constantly...whether you officially bear the title of "teacher" or not. Trust me. It's just not possible to hold a "non-teaching position" if you work at a school & are in a classroom all day.) But since I am technically a classroom aide, I'm not officially a teacher these days, so my job is in jeopardy. While I could sit around & worry about this, I am really not. Maybe it's because being at the preschool this summer has rekindled a fire for little ones....and perhaps I'm not too worried about the possibility of losing my job with the big scary teenagers because it would open the door to me finding a job at a local day care with little ones again? I know, it sounds absolutely insane that I'd even entertain that possibility in my mind. Most people would run screaming from a day care classroom. But I desperately miss the relationships with the parents & kids and watching them grow and lesson planning and decorating for holidays and making bulletin boards and planning class parties and organizing the room and watching them graduate at the end of the year and being such a part of their lives and and many things. I know God's got a plan and for this season, He has me working where I am for a reason. And I'm content with that. I love the people I work with. I enjoy my job. But I'd be lying if I said it hasn't crossed my mind that losing this job (that is, if I were to lose it) wouldn't be the absolute end of my world. I'm going to be fine either way. God knows my heart. He knows what my family needs. And He will make sure I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, no matter what that is.

My dad's having neck surgery next month. My brother in law found out today that he will be having neck surgery & carpal tunnel surgery soon.

One of my best friends is heading back to Joplin, MO this weekend to help out with recovery efforts going on there, so she's on my heart a lot. Savannah really wants to go, too, and may be doing that next month when my girlfriend & her husband go back again.

The list of things on my mind tonight is so lengthy, but I'm going to hush now. Perhaps my pillow will offer my mind a little rest if I will just go put my head on it. Goodnight, friends.

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Rachel said...

Wow Liz, my head is kind of spinning just reading your post!! You have a whole lot going on there girl friend!