Saturday, September 13, 2008

ABCs of my youth-just something for fun

These are all things A-Z that bring back a memory from growing up. If you were born in the 70's, you'll probably recognize a few..........

A- Annie:  it's a hardknock life for us...Yes, Mrs. Hannigan!....the red curly hair....loved it!  AND American Bandstand (loved that show!) AND Al Denson (he did the music at the Dawson McAllister conferences)

B- BIG bangs (oh, the 80s & early 90s were not nice to my hair!)

C- Cabbage Patch Kids & Cartoons that were only seen on Saturday mornings for a couple of hours

D- Def Leopard (the Hysteria CD still rocks!) AND Dawson McAllister conferences w/ the church youth group

E- Eagles (the band)  My family listened to a lot of their music.

F- the Fonz, Fraggle Rock, frizzed out hair

G- Guess? jeans!  They were the ONLY pair of "designer" jeans I ever had.  My mom made me wait til my birthday to buy that $50 pair of jeans.  It was my only present that year & I wore them til I couldn't breathe deep enough to get them zipped up.  I was soooo proud of that little triangle on my rear end!

H- Hypercolor shirts!  They were so cool!

I-  Ice, Ice Baby 

J- Jelly shoes (oh my gosh..sweaty feet & blisters....but they were so cool at the time!)

K- Kirk future husband (when I was 12)

L - Layla (the Eric Clapton song---I was in High School-- such a catchy tune)

M- Menudo (another Saturday morning-only favorite)

N- New Kids on the Block

O- opal earrings & necklace that Larry gave me when we first started dating (awwwww!!!)

P- pink everything--specifically HOT PINK!  earrings, shirts, shoes, eyeshadow!

Q- quirks....we all had them in our youth, right?  Oh wait, I still have some of mine!

R- Radical!  Oh the stupid stuff we said in Junior High!

S- Smurfs (I still hum the theme song tune all the time.)

T- twirling a baton in the front yard (well, trying anyway....) AND teased hair

U- Underoos!!!!  I got the Wonder Woman variety when I was 3 or 4 years old.  Loved those things!

V- Vanilla Ice & all those other cool bands!

W- What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

X- Xavier-something....the guy who signed the butts of all the Cabbage Patch Kids

Y- Youth group, Youth director, Youth Camp @ Timberline......oh the fun!

Z- Z Cavaricci

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alyssalore said...

LOL! I LOVE the movie Annie- the one from *our* time. We have it on DVD & my children love it too. Although I'm not sure how I feel about them going around singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" while they're doing their chores.... LOL!
Cabbage Patch Kids... I remember the craze! I was only 1 of 2 lucky enough to have one in my 6th grade class!
What a fun stroll down memory lane! :)
Love, Alyssa