Wednesday, September 10, 2008

not the day I had planned....

Early this morning I woke up with some sort of lava-in-my-tummy feeling.  Oh great.  Really, stomach...I don't have TIME for this.  I've got kids to get up & ready for school, other kids waiting for me at work, stuff to do, people to see....can we just do this another day?

Apparently, my stomach wasn't listening to my little argument with it.  I will just say that I had some intestinal disturbances today.  By 7:00am, I knew it was time to call a sub for the day & call it quits.  I called (& probably woke up!) a substitute teacher who readily agreed to work for me & gave my husband the car keys (figuratively of course...he already has the keys) and crawled back under the covers.  Somewhere in there, I managed to take a dose of some tummy medicine & eat a plain piece of toast.

I tried to rest this morning, but ended up not feeling drowsy, so I just read & hung out at the house.  By around noon, I felt almost better.  I decided that it was time to feed the dog & figure out whether or not I could eat lunch.  A plain chicken sandwich sounded good, so I fed the dog & drove to Burger King & got one.  (I would've made my own but tomorrow is grocery day, so we're out of everything.)  And besides...BK's chicken sandwich is tasty.

I took a nap after I ate lunch & then went to pick up the kids.  I told them this afternoon that I feel like I'm up to being about 95.2% better.  ha ha!  My stomach is still the tiniest bit unsettled so tonight, while everyone else is in church, I'm hiding in Larry's office reading blogs & checking my facebook account so as to not breathe any of my germs on anyone else...just in case!  If I make it through the night without any further uh... episodes...then I'll consider myself healed.  :)  I don't think there are any stomach viruses going around the schools yet, so hopefully this was just some weird fluke.

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