Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday 9/9

First, before I go any further......tonight at 5:55pm, my girlfriend Alyssa's daughter (G) celebrated her 9th birthday.  Yep...she was born on 9/9/99 at 5:55pm.  How fun is that?!  I've never forgotten her birthday because of that little number trick.  (sometimes I forget to send an e-card, like today....so Alyssa, please show this picture to "G" & tell her it's just for her!!)

Second, an update on our little Tunnel Cat!  Remember my post on Friday night?  Well, after typing up that post, I sent a copy of it to Samuel's teacher.  She took pity on us & talked to the lady in charge of the program & worked it out so that Samuel will get to do it after all!!!  The fun part is--the game where he'll get to be a Tunnel Cat is the same game where Sarah will dance on the field with the High School drill team!  She's going to a little dance workshop this Saturday & will learn a simple pom pom routine which she'll perform with the "big girls" on the field!  Hooray!  We'll have 2 kids on the field that night!  (Plus my nephew who's in the HS band!)  Looks like that'll be a football night for us!!

Savannah learned a lesson the hard way today.  That lesson is--keep up with your stuff & be on time.  She was counted tardy because she had to go back to her locker for something & made it back just in time to be late.  AND that paper she went back for wasn't there.  She got a 0 for not turning in her work.  (NOTE:  Turns out, she had left the notebook in another classroom yesterday & found it later today.  And she was allowed to use a homework pass to bring her 0 up to a decent grade.  So it's not as bad as it seems, but she's now paranoid about being tardy to the same class ever again.  If she is, she'll get a detention!)

Samuel's been working on getting his room totally cleaned up for over a week now.  Of course, that's an ongoing project for my son, so it's not entirely shocking that it's taken him over a week to clean it.  But the funny thing is, each day for the last several days, he's come to me & asked a very poignant question (snicker, snicker).

On Sunday afternoon
Samuel- Mom, if I was blind would I still have to clean my room?
Me-  Yes, Samuel.
Samuel- But how would I find the stuff to put it up?
Me- You'd feel around with your hands til you found it.  Now hush & go work on your room.
On Monday
Samuel-  Mom, if I was blind & dead would I still have to clean my room?
Me-  Excuse me?
Samuel- You know, if I couldn't see or hear....??
Me-  Dear, that's deaFFF, not deaDDD.  There's a big difference. (giggles)
Samuel- Oops!  Yeah, that's what I meant.  So if I was blind & deaf, would I still have to clean my room?
Me-  Yes.  Get to work, Mister!
Samuel- Mom, if I was blind, deaf, half dead & missing an arm, would I still have to clean my room?
Me- (busting out laughing, then calming down to answer the question)  Yes Samuel.  If you made the mess, no matter how your half dead, dangly armed self did it, it would be your responsibility to clean it up.  Get to work, goofball.
Samuel- (dragging his feet to his room)  Yes M'am.
LOL!   I swear.  He's a mess.  (both physically & figuratively!)
Sarah asks me every day how many more days it is til the "Little Ladies" dance class.  This is the class she'll attend Saturday to prepare for her football field debut next week.  She's really excited!  Crossing my fingers that she doesn't back out at the last minute!

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alyssalore said...

Awwww! Thank you, Liz!!!!! :) I will show Gracie her birthday cake from you!

Poor Savannah! I'll bet that was hard on her. And I also bet she won't be late again!

ROFLOL! Samuel is SUCH a CRACK UP!!!!!!!! Ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Alyssa