Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Like many of you, Larry & I have spent much of our evening watching the news reports on Fox & CNN & all the local stations as well as the weather channel.  As you know, our eastern side of Texas is in trouble.  We've got Ike hurdling toward us & we're just hoping for the best.

Today we went to buy bottled water, lots of canned foods, some batteries, a little battery-powered weather band radio & a 12-pack of soda.  ha ha!

We went to the library this afternoon & got some books to power-outage entertainment.  We got the kids a few movies for stuck-inside-during-the-rain entertainment.

We're far enough north of the coast that people are coming HERE for shelter from the storm, so we're just hunkering down & riding it out now.

I am a little nervous for Andrew & Kourtney's family, though.  They live down in south Texas, near the area that was evacuated.  I'm not sure if they were evacuated or not, but when I called today to check on them, there was no answer at their house.  Please pray for their safety during this storm!

I've got my camera batteries all charged up & ready to go.  Hopefully there won't be much of anything for me to get pictures of....but in case there is, I'm ready!

And on a lighter, more fun note, today while we were in CVS picking up batteries, the kids & I were playing around in the Halloween aisle.  They had political masks.  I was Obama.  Savannah was Hillary.  Sarah was McCain & honestly, I don't know who Samuel was.  It was so funny to see the kids put on those masks, so I had to join in.  Larry snapped a picture w/ his phone.

And one last thing---pray that we all stay healthy!  It turns out that the tummy issues I had on Wednesday were part of a virus that is going around!  Another teacher at my school had it yesterday.  And tonight when I picked up Samuel from his friend's birthday party, the little sister went running to the bathroom to throw up before I got out the front door.  So...something's going around!  yuck, yuck, yuck!  Vomitting & diarrhea during a hurricane is NOT my idea of fun!

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mamafaye2 said...

   We had one little boy who was throwing up in the shelter last night.  It would be a nightmare if the whole 125 who are there get it.  Pray for him to stay isolated and not spread it.  Not a good time to be sick with that many people and one men's and one women's restroom.    Mom