Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have a bunch of blogs I check in on (almost) daily.  I've seen this posted on several lately, so I'm going to do it too.  Even if these things are silly, they're pretty fun to do, so if you want to skip reading it, feel free.  :)

10 Things I Must Have in the Pantry/Fridge at all Times
1.  milk
2.  eggs
3.  yogurt
4.  fruit
5.  veggies
6.  bread
7.  lunchmeat
8.  peanut butter & jelly (ok, so that's actually 2...I'm cheating, though.)
9.  tea (for Larry)
10.  water (I realize this comes from the faucet, but I like to keep it chilled...I drink tons of water & prefer it ice cold!)
10 Songs I Love
1.  Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone -- Chris Tomlin
2.  What This World Needs -- Casting Crowns
3.  It Is Well (my all time favorite hymn)
4.  Held -- Natalie Grant (it was my theme song of 2006, while I was trying to wrap my brain around the death of one of my dearest friends and the loss of the mother of my niece & nephew)
5.  Holy -- Nichole Nordeman
6.  Brave -- Nichole Nordeman  (also my theme song in 2006-07 while learning to advocate for a child who needed so much help in so many ways)
7.  lots of old, cool songs from the 70s
8.  ditto---from the 80s
9.  ditto--from the 90s
10 Stores I Love
1.  Walmart
2.  Target
3.  Goodwill store!!!
4.  The Scroll (especially the clearance room hidden away in the back of the store!)
5.  Bed, Bath & Beyond (oh, I could get into so much trouble there!)
6.  Goody's (clothes for me!)
7.  Lane Bryant (ditto)
8.  Lowe's or Home Depot (it's fun to go in there & dream about all the cool things we could do if we could afford it!)
9.  Honestly, I can't think of a single other store that I frequently visit or shop from.
10.  .....and so this one is blank, too!
10 Cities I Love
1.  Whitehouse, TX (born & raised)
2.  Gilmer, TX  (I loved living there!)
and that's all I can think of......I am such a homebody!
10 Days of the Year that I Love
1.  Thanksgiving (my very favorite holiday---so far, no one has been able to screw it up with commercialism!)
2.  my anniversary (it holds a lot of sweet memories of a special day & led to the other greatest days of my life--all my married years & the births of my children)
3.  my birthday
4.  my kids' birthdays
5.  Easter
6.  Christmas
7.  First Day of School
8.  Last Day of School
9.  the last days of summer when we're hanging out in the yard, eating popsicles, enjoying those final dog days of hot weather with eager anticipation of what's ahead with the new school year
10.  any day that I'm off work & the kids and Larry are at work/school......I love my alone time when I can get it!
10 Things I Do Every Day
1.  go potty (hey, that's the first thing every day!)
2.  make 3 meals for my family
3.  make up my bed
4.  kiss my husband a thousand times
5.  kiss/hug/touch/love on my babies every time they walk by (just about anyway!)
6.  dishes
7.  laundry
8.  check my email/blog/myspace
9.  brush my teeth
10.  depending on the day/season, I either take someone to school, go to work or church or run an errand
10 Events I Will Never Forget
1.  lots of special memories growing up---first days of school, the day I got saved when I was 8 years old, graduation from high school, the first day of college, etc.......
2.  My wedding & honeymoon
3.  My first date with Larry (ok, so these are out of order!)
4.  Dec. 4, 1995---the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time!
5.  Aug 1996--Savannah's birth
6.  March 2000-- Samuel's birth -- because it was totally different from my first birth with a Csection & tons of complications afterward
7.  June __, 2000---Samuel turned 3 months old & I found out I was pregnant again!!!  That shock & disbelief will NEVER leave my memory.
8.  Feb  2001-- Sarah's birth
9.  Feb 9 & 10, 2006 --Lisa's & Kelly's deaths and all the things that those dates led to...
10.  March 16, 2007 -- the day the kids moved out
10 Books I Love
1.  Bible (especially mine--NIV Life Applications Study Bible, with a sweet inscription inside the front cover from my sweet hubby who gave me the Bible)
2.  Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
3.  all of the Baxter series books by Karen Kingsbury
4.  Love Languages book (such an eye opener)
5.  The Power of a Praying Wife (such a marriage changer!)
6.  Intimacy with the Almighty by Chuck Swindoll
7.  Time for Bed (a bedtime story my kids loved that I have memorized from reading it over & over & over...)
8.  Goodnight Moon (another sweet one from the early days w/ my kids)
9.  I'm going blank & can't think of another one.
10 Movies I Love
1.  Grease
2.  The Notebook
3.  A Walk to Remember
4.  Serendipity
5.  Wizard of Oz
6.  The Lakehouse
7.  Disney version of Robin Hood
It also asked for "10 of My Favorite Posts thus Far", but I can't pick out a "good" post from a "bad" one because, so often, I feel like this is just a place for me to unload & ramble and I'm grateful that anyone's reading any of it!  So, you decide.  If I've posted something you enjoyed reading, post a comment & tell me what was your favorite. 

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My favorite holiday is also Thanksgiving!
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