Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10, Summer day 39, Staycation day 4

No pictures today.  I took my camera, but figured out after I got there that there really wasn't a good time for me to snap a picture.  We went to the East Texas Oil Museum (here: in Kilgore, TX.  I wasn't 100% sure that the kids would like it because we had a docent to follow around & listen to.  While I understand the need for a docent in some museums, there are some places that I think we'd do better to walk through on our own.  When we were introduced to our docent (an older man, about 70-ish), I was hesitant, but he ended up really holding the kids' attention & making them laugh.  He was a sweet fellow, kind of grandfatherly and they enjoyed the tour.  Since Larry grew up in an oil man's home, he really enjoyed the museum, too.

We went to eat at McKay's buffet in Kilgore after it was over.  Larry & I went there once before.  I can't remember the occasion of why we were there, but it was yummy!  Very much a small town country restaurant & very southern.  The waitresses call everyone "hon" or "sweetie" & talk to you like they're related to you.  If you're ever through there, stop by for lunch or dinner.  They're next door to the only theater in town, so it's not too hard to find.  I had a salad first, then went back to the food bar & picked out baked fish, baked mac/cheese & green beans.  The green beans ended up tasting yucky so after a bite of them, I chose to skip the rest of the serving.  Since I'd already eaten my veggies (the salad), I felt OK with giving up on the green beans.  I had some bread pudding for dessert that was to die for!  I never make it myself so it's been years since I've eaten bread pudding.  YUM!!!!!!  The kids all had fried chicken--a major treat since their mama doesn't cook ANYTHING fried, ever!  They were in heaven, dipping fried chicken in gravy, gobbling up mashed potatoes & chocolate cake for dessert.  ha ha!  Only Sarah went to the salad bar for some veggies.  :)

We got home around 4:00 & took a short nap before getting up and attacking the second half of our day.  Larry went to mow the yard at our friend's house (the one where we've all been going swimming) and I took the kids to swim class.  Savannah & I sat upstairs & watched them out the observation window like we did Tuesday night.  I was SO PROUD of Sarah.  Just in the past 6 weeks, she's gotten brave enough to hold her breath & go under.  Tonight, she was taking a few strokes to the teacher & back.  Way to go, baby girl!!!

Tomorrow is day 5--our last weekday of Staycation!

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YUM! Ok, so now I have to make bread pudding tomorrow! I will do a post and link back to you for getting my mouth watering. LOL

Sounds like you are having a nice Staycation!
:) Debi

kfergueson said...

Greg was disapointed that there were no bed head pics today.