Friday, July 4, 2008

Days 33 & 34

Thurs & Fri (July 3 & 4)

I am writing this on Fri morning.  There is nothing much to report about Thursday the 3rd.  I worked.  The kids went to their last day of day camp @ Pleasant Hill.  They had a ball all week long & were excited about yesterday because it was a "water day".  We hung out at home last night & then I went grocery shopping.

See, I'm telling you...nothing to report.

Now today is a different story.  While we're hanging around the house this morning, we'll head out to Fatherheart, part of the ministries for their annual 4th of July celebration in a little while.  Larry & I have a 3 hour shift of working in the parking lot.  I wonder if I get to wear a cool orange vest too.  (ha ha!)  We'll park cars & help out as much as we can for a few hours, then we'll leave & head back toward home.  We're going to the same place we go every year for fireworks.  I can't wait.  I'm like a little kid about fireworks---they're so much fun to watch!  WooHoo!

We've been getting nightly calls from Savannah.  She's worn out & exhausted at this point.  Poor kid.  She needs all the seratonin she can get & your brain produces that when you sleep.  (well, that's one time it produces it anyway)  Anyway, she has been staying up til midnight or later every night.  She is used to going to bed between 8-9 & being zonked out by 10-ish.  So after a week at her friends' house & then only a couple of days home, followed by her week at camp....oh boy.  The next several days may be torture (on us) while she recoups from losing so much sleep & wearing herself out for 2 weeks!  She checks out of the camp tomorrow morning around 9:30 or 10:00 & then they drive home (about 3 hours), so by early afternoon, she ought to be here.  I can't wait to see her & hug her neck!  I miss my Nanabear!

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Happy 4th  Keep Safe