Thursday, July 31, 2008

Very odd turn of events--Larry's dad

They're releasing him from the hospital this morning.
The cardiologist came in this morning & said that from the stress test yesterday & the heart monitor he's been wearing while at the hospital, they can see that the 'episodes' he's been having are not cardiac in nature.  He's suggesting they might be GI-related instead.  (And due to Larry's reflux diagnosis a few months back in the ER, I guess I can sort of see how that might be the case.)
He did say that he still has the leaky heart valve, but feels that (at this time) it's not severe enough to do surgery or anything.  And as far as the funky heart rhythm, we don't know.  He didn't specifically address that.
And so, Larry's driving him home in a few minutes.  Very odd.  We sure didn't expect this!

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nursegirl1994 said...

Well, okay.  That is interesting.  Atleast it isn't cardiac. That is much worse.