Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Day 58 -- Mon July 28

I wish I could say that I got in a nap today, but I didn't.  I folded laundry much of the day (after I drug myself out of bed & got moving about 8:45).  I fed the kids breakfast & lunch in there somewhere and checked my email briefly.  About 4:00 this afternoon, I layed on the couch while the kids watched the Disney Channel games & I did doze off...for about 15 minutes.  So I didn't exactly get in a ton of rest.  :::sigh:::  Oh well.  Such is life.

I'm heading back to work tomorrow after my weekend off.  It's amazing how it feels like it's been SO LONG since I was last there.  These 4 day weekends of the summertime rock.  (Of course, it doesn't rock my paycheck, but it sure is a peaceful way to spend summer weekends w/ the kids!)  Larry & I are both looking forward to the Fall when my paycheck goes back to normal.  The kids start school 4 weeks from today and I go back to work for inservice time that same day. 

The days of summer are fleeting.....

summer.png summer image by laruenhereex3

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